Content Strategy 101 - Stratégie de Contenu


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A basic approach of the elements that constitute Content Strategy and the technical and organizational challenges it poses.

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Content Strategy 101 - Stratégie de Contenu

  1. 1. Everythingis content. Content is everything.
  2. 2. Content strategyplans for the creation,publication, and governanceof useful, usable content.
  3. 3. Content strategy Editorial strategy Web WritingMetadata Strategy Search Engine OptimizationContent management strategy CMSContent channel distribution strategy Content MarketingMobile Tablet Desktop Apps TV …COPE Create Once Publish Everywhere
  4. 4. Liquid
  5. 5. Structure to the rescueStructure comes from:- Content knowledge- Finding patterns- Patterns help establish content types Event listings Help Modules News Blog Posts Press Releases Product description Articles Directories Research Papers Profiles Bios Product Listings …
  6. 6. Structure to the rescueContent types create a content system:- Systems give us options- Every bit of structure gives us the option to make a rule.- Rules tell our content what to doStructure helps content move.
  7. 7. If [content type]is in [situation],then [do this with]the [content elements]. Structuring Content, Restructuring Organizations - CS Forum 2012 Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  8. 8. If [a recipe]is in [the app],then [include] the[ratings] before the[ingredients]. Structuring Content, Restructuring Organizations - CS Forum 2012 Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  9. 9. Blob vs. ChunksBlob: A tweet Author Content blob RT / Favorites Date
  10. 10. Blob vs. ChunksBlob: TitleA blog post Author Date Content blob Tags
  11. 11. Blob vs. ChunksChunks:A recipe Title Ingredient 1 Direction 1 Image Ingredient 2 Direction 2 Ingredient 3 Direction 3 Prep. time … … Cook time Serves
  12. 12. Technology Challenges Mobile web Mobile Apps TV Apps RWDBut it’s not just Tech.
  13. 13. Organization Challenges Old habits Mass production Web Governance Content Production vs. Strategic Business Goals Siloed teams Stakeholders
  14. 14. Content components People components © 2010 Braintraffic
  15. 15. TakeawaysStructure content to make it flow.Mobile as entry point (≠ Apps)Define how content can serve strategyCreate cross-department teams focused on issues, not politicsIf possible, hire a Content Strategist
  16. 16. SourcesStructuring Content, Restructuring OrganizationsSara Wachter-BoettcherContent in the Age of Promiscuous ReuseRachel Lovinger