eReaders and more - Jan 2012


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eReaders and more - Jan 2012

  1. 1. eReaders and More: A Holiday Guide January 2012 Lisa Gayhart
  2. 2. Why are we here?• What are ebooks and what is ereading?• Explanation of different mobile devices• What devices work with library services• How to use library ebooks with your mobile device• Where to get help• Time for questions and practice
  3. 3. Lets get on the same pageWhat are ebooks?What is ereading?
  4. 4. You can read ebooks on: • eReaders ▫ i.e. Kobo, Kindle, Sony Reader • Tablets ▫ i.e. Playbook, iPad • Laptops/netbooks/PCs/MACs ▫ i.e. your home computer, desktop or laptop • Smartphones ▫ i.e. Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone • iPods and MP3 players ▫ i.e. iPod, iTouch, Zune
  5. 5. eReader vs. TabletWhats the difference? Both are slim, small, computers but havedifferent features and functionality. eReader (e.g. Kobo) Tablet (e.g. iPad) E-Ink Technology (black & white) Back-Lighting Long Battery Life (~month) Short Battery Life (~10 hours) Limited web browsing capability Full web browsing capability Purpose is to duplicate the "book Purpose is to be a smaller, more reading experience" portable multimedia computer Price Range ~$100-200 Price Range ~$250-600
  6. 6. Which device can I use with library ebooks?Always check the compatible device list for the mostup to date information before you buy:…Playbooks (RIM) and Kindles (Amazon) do not supportlibrary books at this time.
  7. 7. Which device can I use with library ebooks?
  8. 8. File types to use with your device• The standard file type for library ebooks is EPUB.• Most devices will also read PDF versions of ebooks (i.e. self published books, online manuals, etc.)• For maximum choice, pick a device that can read both formats.
  9. 9. How to find library ebooks Librarys website – Audio, eBooks and Video Download Library –
  10. 10. Ways to download• Download an ebook through Download Library, without WIFI enabled device (i.e. Kobo Touch, Sony Reader): ▫ Website – ▫ Adobe Digital Editions account ▫ Library card/PIN ▫ Search/checkout/download ▫ Transfer from computer to device via a USB connection ▫ Enjoy on mobile device
  11. 11. Ways to download• Download an ebook through Download Library, with Overdrive app (i.e. iPad, Kobo Vox): ▫ Install Overdrive app on your mobile device ▫ Sync device to Adobe ID ▫ Search for library (Region of Waterloo Library) ▫ Add Download Library ▫ Library card/PIN ▫ Search/checkout books ▫ Download to device (tablet/smartphone) ▫ Enjoy on mobile device
  12. 12. Other available ebooks• Ebsco ebooks  Great for research• Tumblebooks  ebooks for children that are interactive and encourage the development of early literacy and numeracy skills• Public domain books  Through Download Library or Project Gutenburg• Buying books  Online bookstores, i.e. Kobo, Amazon, etc.
  13. 13. Online help –"My Help" tool:step by step processGetting StartedBorrowing FAQs
  14. 14. Tips and tricks• You will need an Adobe ID to use ebooks. Get this first.• Ebooks can be returned early through Abobe Digital Editions or through your app• You can take out 15 items on your account at one time• Always Available books never have holds• Plug your ereader into your computer, then open ADE (PC)• Items cannot be renewed (check out the book again)
  15. 15. Ask us!• Time for questions and hands on practice• Remember: ▫ You cant break it ▫ No question is stupid! ▫ Exploration and play is the best way to learn ▫ Expect continual learning: devices and software change at a rapid pace ▫ Most importantly: have fun
  16. 16. What if I get home and have a question?Lisa GayhartCoordinator, Library Communications & E-ServicesRegion of Waterloo Library519-575-4590lgayhart@regionofwaterloo.caAsk me for my card!