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Regions Work! What’s a region?


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First Presented July 20, 1998 at
The World Future Society Conference
FutureQuest: Strategies for the New Millennium – Chicago, this launched the Regions Work Initiative and set out the Action Plan that is still being pursued today.

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Regions Work! What’s a region?

  1. 1. Regions Work! What’s a region? First Presented July 20, 1998 at The World Future Society Conference FutureQuest: Strategies for the New Millennium – Chicago Tom Christoffel, AICP, FeRSA, Editor, Regional Community Development News © 1998
  2. 2. Regional? “We need boundaries.” - Edith Wiener “To solve problems we must cross boundaries.” Jessica Lipnack. Two or more cooperating across a political boundary is regional.
  3. 3. Markets are regional and theeconomy is global. Production and/or assembly is local. Housing, labor, retail markets are regional. There are local consequences of business placement decisions, but many decisions are out of local control. Local governments were designed to be local and they are good at it. Regions consist of neighbors and peers.
  4. 4. Defined regions exist in U.S. Formed in the 1960’s. Networks of local governments that are statewide networks as well. This structure is now invisible to most citizens and the business community.  National Association of Regional Councils (NARC)  National Association of Development Officials (NADO)  States - Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions
  5. 5. What’s the right region? Metropolitan Statistical Area? Watershed? Bio-region? Sub-state district? A different region for each issue?
  6. 6. What are the opportunities? The right region is when the geography fits the issue. Standard boundaries - counties and state regions are data building blocks. Alignment of data sets on geography increases efficiency - use a GIS approach. Government alignment of regions speeds action when needed.
  7. 7. Regions work action plan. National data sets based on existing regions. Region + or - neighbors (region or county) to create the regional design that fits the market/issue. Make visible to citizens, business and industry, non-profits. State databases on regional geography. Regional Public Corporate Database.
  8. 8. “Think Local Planet, Act Regionally.” Contact - 2012 Tom Christoffel, AICP, M FeRSA, Editor Regional Community Development NewsRegional Intelligence – Regional Communities, LLCBox 1444 - Front Royal, Virginia (VA), USA 22630 E-mail: Land line: 1- 540-635-8582 Cell: 1 -540-664-7037 Web: Twitter:
  9. 9. Regional Intelligence – Regional Communities, LLCTom (Thomas J.) Christoffel, AICP, EditorRegional Community Development NewsRegional Intelligence-Regional Communities, LLCP.O. Box 1444Front Royal, Virginia (VA), 22630, U.S.A.E-mail: Tom.Christoffel@gmail.comPhone: 540-635-8582Web: www.regionalintelligence.comThe “Regions Work” Initiative © 1998 - 2007