Week of monday , september 9th


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Week of monday , september 9th

  1. 1. Week of Monday, September th 9
  2. 2. Sponge Work Day of the week Sponge question Monday, September 9th (#3) If you had three wishes, what would they be? Tuesday, September 10th (#4) What does it mean to value “life”? Human and animal life? Wednesday, September 11th (#5) Thursday, September 12th (#6) Friday, September 13th (#7)
  3. 3. Monday, September 9th English 9 Today, I’m learning: 1. Point of View a. First person– “I” b. Third person- limited and omniscient 2. 3. 4. 5. Round and Flat characters Latin root –scrutComplete subject and predicate Synonmyms
  4. 4. Monday, September 9th English 10 1. Review Monkey’s Paw 2. Review term- Foreshadowing -look for clues in the story 3. Read The Bridegroom -Practice looking for clues (foreshadowing) 4. Review Preview Tomorrow -We’re learning about the Latin Root –cred, pronouns, antecedents and synonyms on page 66.
  5. 5. English 10-Writing Turn to page 67 1. Safety instructions: How to own and use a Monkey’s Paw safely 2. Prewriting: Logical step by step directions 3. Drafting You will hand in: 1. Prewriting- brainstorm 2. Safety directions for making ONE wish.
  6. 6. Safety Instructions Wish one Wish two Wish three What could go wrong? What could go wrong? What could go wrong? What to wish What could go wrong How to make a wish
  7. 7. Safety instructions When you make your wish, be careful what you wish for. For example, if you wish for money, someone you love may die, and you’ll get money from their death. You need to think of all the possible things that can go wrong with getting that wish. Step one: Make your wish and say the following… Step two: “but I don’t want anyone to die, or get injured, and I don’t want anyone’s personality to change,
  8. 8. Tuesday, September 10th English 9 Review Period 1, 2 and 3: Write short-short story -Make Mrs. Mitty a round character -Change the narrator’s point of view -What does –scrut- mean? -What is a complete predicate? Complete subject? -What is a synonym? Provide an example.
  9. 9. Tuesday, September 10th English 9 Practice Practice complete subject and predicate 1. Identify the verb. She wants to marry him. verb 2. Identify the verb AND underline the complete predicate. Will they be happy with their decision?
  10. 10. Tuesday, September 10th English 9 Today we will: 1. Create a Reader’s Log for the short story, The Most Dangerous Game (pg 16) 2. Create an immersed in words chart (vocabulary) 3. Discuss comparing and contrasting characters Terms you need to Know: 1. Suspense 2. Conflict 3. Context Clues 4. Compare and Contrast
  11. 11. Tuesday, September 10th English 9 Dangerous Game Reader’s Log- pg 16 Connect Question: Are you a competitive person? Why or why not? Background: Write down the most interesting or important sentence in the “background” paragraph on page 16. Literary analysis: Write down the definitions for Suspense and Conflict Reading Strategy: Write down the definition for Using Context clues Immersed in Words Chart: Next slide
  12. 12. English Immersed in Words Chart 9 Turn to page 17 and create a chart like this using ALL OF THE WORDS Word Experience What it is/what it isn’t Definition Palpable (adj) Having a feeling that you could touch something Hearing or smelling something Able to be touched or felt Indolently (adv) It’s an action or something someone experiences Someone who is hyper isn’t indolently doing something Lazily or idly Bizarre (adj) Seeing something that’s really different Typical or average Odd in appearance Picture representing image
  13. 13. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 Comparing and Contrasting Compare apples and oranges: They are similar in what way? ________ Contrast apples and oranges: How are they different? _____________
  14. 14. What is this graphic organizer called? Apples How are they different? English 9- Tuesday How are they similar? Oranges How are they different? How does this graphic organizer work?
  15. 15. What is this graphic organizer called? -Venn Diagram Real life Mitty How is he different? English 9- Tuesday How are they similar? Fantasy Mitty How is he different? How does this graphic organizer work?
  16. 16. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Review Monday, September 9th We reviewed Monkey’s Paw We read The Bridegroom We practiced Foreshadowing We wrote instructions for owning and using the monkey’s paw (page 67) Preview Today Turn to page 66 Complete Word Analysis- Latin root –credAntecedents of Pronouns Synonyms Reading Informational Materials
  17. 17. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 1. Open up your notebook 2. Write on the top of the page- (Monkey’s Paw/Bridegroom) Integrate Language Skills 3. Word Analysis: Latin Root –cred— a. Write the definition b. Write the words 1-5 c. Write the definitions (see next slide)
  18. 18. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 Word Definition Incredible Hard to believe Credible Believable; likely Credentials ID; permit Credulity Gullibility: a tendency to be too ready to believe that something is real or true. credit Publicly acknowledge someone as a participant in the production of (something published or broadcast).
  19. 19. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 Write Grammar Lesson on your paper. Write the definitions for Pronouns and Antecedents. Write down the sentences 1-5. Identify the antecedents of each underlined pronoun in the following sentences. 1. The Whites opened their front door and let the sergeant major into the cozy room.
  20. 20. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 1. On the top of your paper, write the word “Synonym” 2. Number your paper 1-9. 3. Look at page 49 for the definitions Word Synonyms 1. Maligned Criticized 2. Prosaic: Ordinary 3. Avaricious 4. Furtively 5. Tumult 6. Doughty 7. Credulity 8. Fusillade 9. Foreboding
  21. 21. Tuesday, September 10th English 10 Reading Informational Materials Newspaper Features Turn to page 274 1. Read “About Newspaper Features” 2. Review Reading Strategy 3. Review the New York Times article on page 275 Look for: 1. Catchy title 2. Does the article contain quotations to get the reader’s attention and support his/her point? 3. Does the writer provide background information/history for the reader? 4. Does the writer provide additional details that will help the reader to understand the main point? Review Questions Page 277 Evaluating Credibility of Information Sources 6, 7 and 8