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Friday, september 20th


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Friday, september 20th

  1. 1. Friday, September English 9 and 10 th 20
  2. 2. Sponge 1. Pick up your notebook 2. Sit in your assigned seat 3. Respond to the following sponge question: Next week is spirit week, will you participate in any of the Hamilton Homecoming activities? Why or why not?
  3. 3. Friday, September 20th English 9 • Review Learning Intentions • Review terms we need to know • Continue reading The Most Dangerous Game – Your head must stay up – You MUST read along in the book- no writing or daydreaming – Mr. Curley and Ms. Navejar will be calling homes after school • Practice the reading strategy- Using Context Clues • Point out moments of Suspense • Identify the Central Conflict (when is Rainsford really in trouble?)
  4. 4. Friday, September 20th English 10 • Review test – If you didn’t take yesterday’s test, let me know – Review questions – Consider misconceptions, misunderstandings, why you answered the way you did – Our observations: • Some didn’t use notes or book • Begin Reader’s Log for Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket • Start reading story
  5. 5. Reader’s Log for Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket Turn to page 4 in the Blue Textbook Connect: Are you a risk taker? Impulsive? How so? Background: Read paragraph and write down the most interesting or important sentence in the paragraph. Literary Analysis: Read and write down the definitions for Suspense and Rising action Reading Strategy: Write down the definitions for Rereading and Read Ahead Vocabulary: Create an Immersed in words chart (next slide)
  6. 6. English Immersed in Words Chart 10 Create a chart like this using – words are on pg 5 ALL OF THE WORDS Word Experience What it is/what it isn’t Definition Convoluted (adj) In a knot Something that’s not smooth Intricate; twisted Grimace (n) When a person is experiencing pain The facial expression wouldn’t be happy Twisted facial expression Reveling (v) While being happy or at a party Being sad or depressed Taking great pleasure Picture representing image