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2 eso unit_5_grammar_2_first_conditional


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2 eso unit_5_grammar_2_first_conditional

  2. 2. As you have seen, we use the first conditional to predict the resultsof an action in the future.We form the first conditional with:if + present simple / will futureif + present simple describes the action, and the will future describesthe result.Lets see some examples:-If you come to my party, you will enjoy yourself.-If you dont study, you wont pass the exam.-What will you do if it rains tomorrow?Remember that the order of the conditional can change, but not thestructure. You can say "Youll enjoy yourself if you come to myparty", but not "I you will come to my party, you enjoy yourself".
  3. 3. Grammar First conditionalComplete the sentences with thecorrect form of the verbs in brackets. Action Result If you buy (buy) one, we’ll give (give) you another one. ’ll If he doesn’t like (not like) it, I’ll return (return) his money. ’ll return if we don’t look (not look) after don’t look What will happen (happen) our environment?