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Effective performance appraisal


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effective performance appraisal

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Effective performance appraisal

  1. 1. Effective performance appraisalA companys performance depends to a great extent on effective performance appraisal ofits workforce. An effective evaluation leads a company to competitive advantage; itmotivates the employees to perform better, gain self confidence and improve their workquality.An evaluation needs to be objective and focused on the features of the job to be effective.The performance criterion on which it is designed has to be accurate and as far aspossible, measurable. Strategies which assess team management and performance canform a part of the evaluation.Some specific essentials to help companies improve their employees performanceappraisal are:Understanding the need of a performance measurementFor an evaluation to be effective, it is useful for everyone in the organisation tounderstand its importance. Usually employees look at a performance appraisal withhostility. A sound understanding of why a performance review is needed may help theemployees to look at it with more enthusiasm. Awareness about the performanceassessment may instill a sense of ownership and responsibility among the employees.This may help the employers to conduct a performance evaluation easily and effectively.Planning for the performance appraisalOne of the important ways that may lead to an effectual performance review is planningit well. When a performance appraisal is planned well, the formats are decided, thepeople to be appraised are listed and the time and venue for discussion is communicatedbeforehand. Moreover, the seriousness shown by the employers in planning an appraisalmay change the outlook of the employees towards it. This will help the assessment toattain its goal more effectively.Focus on the prime issues and objectives of the companyOne of the major objectives of performance evaluation is for the company to understandits employees issues and for the employees to realise the companys objectives. Whileconducting a performance appraisal, in many cases, the employers tend to deviate fromthe prime issues. A performance review is believed to be effective when all the issuesrelated to it are discussed with particular attention to those where there is scope forimprovement with the job description and the companys objectives in clear view.Understanding attitudes
  2. 2. Different people have different attitudes towards their work. If the employers know theattitudes of their employees, it is easy to conduct an appraisal. A realisation that someattitudes and lifestyles cannot be changed and have to be dealt with in a special way mayhelp improve a performance appraisal. A positive approach of the employers towardsperformance appraisal improves the attitude of the employees towards the organisation.Open and two-way communicationA performance review may turn out to be ineffective if the communication is dominatedby the employers and not two-way. A two-way communication may lead to revelation ofsuppressed feelings, thoughts and ideas. The communication also needs to be honest andfrank without which a performance appraisal often turns out to be futile.Smaller details, greater effectWhen an organisation takes care of the minute details in evaluation, employees realise theimportance of such a practice. Details like a private venue, convenient time, avoidingheated arguments, professional and smooth-tempered tone of communication, equalrating criteria as well as encouraging words every now and then may lead to a verysuccessfully accomplished performance appraisal. A badly conducted performanceappraisal may offend or hurt some employees which may affect the efficiency of theappraisal.The documentation and use of appraisal resultsThe results of an effective performance appraisal system may be carefully registered andused for making credible records. The value and credibility of an appraisal system isconsidered strong when it is used to decide promotions, career growth, employeedevelopment practices and rewards.An effective appraisal is aligned with the objectives of the organisation. It is believed tobe able to boost the companys profitability by improving the quality of the performanceof its employees.All the best, : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms forperformance appraisal.