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Stand out in the App Store using TOOLS for ASO!


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64% of Apps are found through app store search.
That means if you're not doing SEO for your app (otherwise known as app store optimization), you're falling behind.

App store optimization will help you rank higher in the app store, both on iOS and android. Both google play and the app store have different algorithms, I'd love to present some tools on how to get your app ranking higher and getting found by more people.

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Stand out in the App Store using TOOLS for ASO!

  1. 1. Regina Grrogan downloadmoreappscom @reginagrogan stand out among the 2,000,000 apps in the app store
  2. 2. key components of A80 keyword icon screenshot optimization optimization optimization Regina Grrogan downloadmoreappscom @reginagrogan
  3. 3. keyword research What keywords am I ranking for? What keywords are my competitors ranking for? Tools to find what keywords you're ranking for: Q: ® SensorTower ReginaGrrogan downloadmorea s. com @reginagrogan
  4. 4. intelligence research How many downloads are my competitors getting? What does the landscape look like? Tools to find info on competitor rankings ' apptrace ® SensorTower 5 ReginaGrrogan downloadmorea s. com @reginagrogan
  5. 5. icon optimization/ research Is my icon interesting? does it stand out? unfortunately, the best way to optimize is just to test different icons and see what sticks! there isn't a good tool on the market for this! Regina Grrogan downloadmoreappscom @reginagrogan
  6. 6. optimize screenshots/ CRO Are people enticed by my app’s screenshots? What will convert people to install? in app optimization, splash pages, screenshots C-.3) apptamin Giptimizely mixponel Q PTIMIMO O O - STOREMAVEN A S . lit-forc = ' ReginaGrrogan downloadmorea s. com @reginagrogan