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Learn To Improve Yourself


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Personal growth can be considered as a lifelong process and is the most vital for all. It seeks both mental and physical transformation which can only be made by some strategies. Let’s check out the slide to learn to improve your-self with 5 simple steps.

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  • The one I was looking for! These tips really sound effective, hope I can follow them perfectly.
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Learn To Improve Yourself

  1. 1. Learn To Improve Yourself
  2. 2. Personal growth is a life long process...
  3. 3. It’s a way for an individual to asses his/her qualities and set goals to maximize their potential…
  4. 4. Personal growth seeks mental and physical transformation…
  5. 5. And for these transformation, you need some strategies . Here are few of them :
  6. 6. 1: Draw your life timeline
  7. 7. Make a list of the things like : What you do better than others The skills you have
  8. 8. Your past achievements Future achievements
  9. 9. 2: Identify significant events or people with big impact
  10. 10. Create a vision board Attend conference to connect with people
  11. 11. Find inspiration in people Notice the good qualities they poses
  12. 12. Find out what makes you happy Brainstorm for new idea
  13. 13. 3: Find patterns and meaning
  14. 14. Ask your closed ones about the most important things they’ve ever learned Ask your near ones to share their passion
  15. 15. Notice every small things that matters to others Enjoy a pressure-free day and do just nothing
  16. 16. 4: Back to the future
  17. 17. Have a better understanding of yourself Go through your annual appraisal
  18. 18. Have a look on your past achievements Identify the addressing areas for development
  19. 19. 5: Map making
  20. 20. Express yourself in a creative manner Learn to move on from the past
  21. 21. Appreciate the good things in you Focus on putting yourself up
  22. 22. Always have positive attitudes in negative situations Cherish every moment
  23. 23. Thank You… Website: ting?sk=app_190322544333196