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RCR 2016 Volunteer Appreciation


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Slide presentation for RCR volunteer and donor appreciation event

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RCR 2016 Volunteer Appreciation

  1. 1. REGINA CAT RESCUE Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Sunday, February 28, 2016
  2. 2. • Regina Cat Rescue is a charitable organization that has been promoting animal welfare in Regina since 1982.
  3. 3. • Recognizing the abundance of homeless and stray pets on Regina streets left to fend for themselves, the organization dedicated itself to pet rescue. • Over time, our focus has shifted to cat rescue, leading to a name change in 2014 from People for Animals to Regina Cat Rescue.
  4. 4. • We rescue hundreds of tame stray cats each year. We foster them, provide veterinary care and find them forever homes.
  5. 5. • We also provide food and veterinary care, including vaccinations and sterilization, to Regina’s feral cat colonies.
  6. 6. • All cats are sterilized and vaccinated, but some require a higher level of care than others.
  7. 7. • Further treatment is decided by RCR’s Board of Directors based on information provided by the foster home and the attending veterinarian. • In spite of our best efforts, we sometimes have to say goodbye to cats in our care. It’s always heartbreaking, and doesn’t get easier for volunteers. In 2015, we lost a few very special feral friends.
  8. 8. • Tripod crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Easter Sunday. He called one of RCR’s feeding stations home for over 15 years.
  9. 9. • Dewey lived to 15 years of age, spending his entire life at an RCR colony with his two littermates. He always kept his distance from humans, but usually managed to get first dibs on soft food left by feral feeders.
  10. 10. • We said goodbye to Burt (left) last January, around nine years of age. He was timid, but would come to feral feeders for treats. He even allowed a quick pet on the head on more than one occasion. Now Burt is over the Rainbow Bridge with his brother Dash (right), who passed in April 2014.
  11. 11. WHO IS ? • Regina Cat Rescue is a group of volunteers dedicated to rescuing and caring for Regina’s abandoned and homeless cats. The majority of our work is done on weekdays after 5 p.m. and on weekends. • RCR has five members on the Board of Directors: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications Director. The board provides the overall direction for organization and manages day- to-day governance.
  12. 12. WHO IS ? • RCR has subcommittees that manage the day-to- day operations. ● Feral Feeding team: provides food and water daily to 30 RCR cat colonies around Regina, monitors health and well-being of feral cats, traps feral cats to have them sterilized, maintains feral cat shelters.
  13. 13. WHO IS ? • RCR has subcommittees that manage the day-to- day operations. ● Pet Rescue team: places rescued cats into foster care, provides vaccinations, manages adoption packages and paperwork for each rescued cat, provides support to foster homes, finds permanent homes for foster cats.
  14. 14. WHO IS ? • RCR has subcommittees that manage the day-to- day operations. ● Fundraising and Membership committee: determines fundraising goals to support RCR’s initiatives, investigates and creates fundraising opportunities, promotes the benefits of RCR memberships. ● Communications committee: promotes RCR and its programs using traditional communication channels, develops key messages, manages RCR brand.
  15. 15. WHO IS RCR was in the news 13 times last year. We even made the CBC’s best six animal stories of 2015!
  16. 16. WHO IS • The most notable media mention was for The Politicats, four tabby kittens named after the federal party leaders. • Justin, Elizabeth, Stephen and Thomas were all adopted into their forever homes.
  17. 17. WHO IS ? • RCR has terrific partners in the community! ● We work with a number of vets in the city and just outside of city limits to stretch donor dollars are far as possible for vet care. ● Businesses throughout Regina host fundraisers and act as collection points for donations. ● Caring citizens step up to host feral colonies on their property. ● Some retail outlets donate cat food and supplies. ● Volunteers donate their evenings and weekends to carry out regular duties to keep RCR operational.
  18. 18. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Flux Crossfit is a Bronze level corporate sponsor.
  19. 19. CORPORATE SPONSORS • iQmetrix is a Bronze level corporate sponsor.
  20. 20. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Morsky Group is a Silver level corporate sponsor.
  21. 21. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Pups Portable Storage is a Silver level corporate sponsor.
  22. 22. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Metro Pet Market is a Silver level corporate sponsor.
  23. 23. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Imagination Ink is a Platinum level corporate sponsor.
  24. 24. CORPORATE SPONSORS • Champion Petfoods is a Platinum level corporate sponsor.
  25. 25. WHY DOES EXIST? • RCR volunteers like YOU work tirelessly and provide financial support to ensure the health and well-being of Regina’s homeless and abandoned cats. • The reward is in knowing that Regina’s street cats have food in their tummies and a shelter over their heads 365 days a year. It’s also satisfying to complete families with a furry friend or two.
  26. 26. Margaret is one happy cat since choosing Ellen and Regan as her forever family in February! Button, as she was known prior to her adoption, was trying to survive winter by living under someone’s deck.
  27. 27. Winston, a two-year-old Persian, was adopted and then returned to RCR after his adopter recognized Winston would do better in a quieter home. Taylor and Cody quickly scooped up this fluffy furball in November and they lived happily ever after.
  28. 28. Suzi came into RCR’s care in January 2014. This beautiful girl was finally whisked away into her forever home in November. Suzi went from being a timid cat in foster care to a confident kitty who rules her roost. She’s proof that the right match between cats and humans can make a world of difference!