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W H A T’ S O N T H I S W E E K


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W H A T’ S O N T H I S W E E K

  1. 1. Let’s discover what’s on in the biggest cities of our region! Made by: Regina M. Dal Santo SSIS IX CICLO Matricola R11094
  2. 2. Do you know what’s on this week in Vicenza, Padova or Verona? What about Venice? I think we should prepare a brochure for the students from Cardiff who are coming to visit us for two weeks. It would be nice to show them what our cities can offer. The class will be divided into 4 groups made by 5 students. Every group has to: - Do a WebQuest on a city (Vicenza, Padova, Verona, Venezia). - Prepare a brochure with the info found in the WQ - Present the brochure to the class - Prepare it for the printing Here is a list of the groups!
  3. 3. Divide into 4 groups made of 5 students.  Every student has a role:  The monitor: he/she has to observe how the - members of the group work (observation grid at: ) The researchers (2): they research the information - on the net (here is a list of the websites) The assistant: he/she writes down the information - the researchers find and helps the designer in the making of the brochure The designer: he/she creates the brochure - You can work at your project at school, but you also  have to work at home. I have already posted the instructions for the WQ in our blog.
  4. 4.  To create your brochure, go to this website:  The broucher has to include: - A map of the city centre - A brief description of the monuments/touristic itineraries - A brief description of the events which are on - A list of the places where you can have fun - A list of the places where you can eat - The train timetable
  5. 5. The researchers start browsing the websites.  The researchers have to select the materials first and  then show them to the other memebers of the group. Meanwhile, the designer has to look at the website to  prepare the brochure. The monitor has to check that all the members do  their job and respect each other. The assistant has to take notes on the information  the researchers find and to give instructions to the designer. REMEMBER: ALL THE INFORMATION MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH! All the members have to partecipate in the translation of the material!!!
  6. 6.  The designer presents his project to the other memebers of the group. All the members can comment on the leaflet and suggest changes.  As soon as the leaflet is ready, the group has to prepare a ppt presentation to present the leaflet to the class.  You have 8 minutes for your presentation. Be quick and effective.  Print the draft of your leaftlet.  Remember that all the students can suggest changes in your brochure.
  7. 7. Prepare your leaflet for the printing.  Make sure you have double checked the  spelling and the sintax! All the members of the group should read  the draft. Copy your files in your pen drive and give it  to our ICT assistant. Remember to put your names and class on the ppt.
  8. 8.    hp  cartine/mappa-comune-vicenza- VI.htm&cv=1&zoomifyX=0.015&am p;zoomifyY=- 0.19&zoomifyZoom=81&idm=233  
  9. 9.    %20annia/pag8.htm    assidpadre=0&tassid=85    amap.html
  10. 10.  cfm?a_id=1   erona.html   nti/index.php  p  http://www.informagiovani-
  11. 11.    es/ServeBLOB.php/L/IT/IDPagina/1   me.asp  /  Venice.htm