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Premium takeout restaurants around miami international airport


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If you live near Miami Airport and in need of a delivery service to bring food to your door step, this presentation is made for you. From Mediterranean-inspired cuisines down to gourmet meals, all you need to do is ring the phone and say your order.

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Premium takeout restaurants around miami international airport

  1. 1. Premium Takeout Restaurants around Miami International Airport Prepared by: Regie Macalam
  2. 2. “So you want to dine at the comfort of your own home with your family. Or, you need to bring home some delightful treats afteryour arrival at the Miami airport. Not a bad idea! What you needthen is to find sources of delicious foods that will take the time todeliver your orders right next to your door a few minutes after you made a phone call or will pack your food in a nice and sturdy package for take home.
  3. 3. Charlie’s Bistro and Bar First stop we have Charlie’s Bistro and Bar restaurant, which is conveniently located in the fine grounds of Costa del Sol just minutes away from Miami International Airport. Basically, the alfresco lakeside dining feature in the place would make you want to dine in. But of course, takeout and home food delivery services are available should you wish to bring home the health-refreshing onion soup, chimichurri filet, spicy chicken curry or any of their delicious recipes. For more info, check on their delivery contact details at
  4. 4. LongHorn Steakhouse A flavorful steak would surely make a great home dining heaven, so why not grab some at LongHorn Steakhouse? This restaurant has branches all over Miami, but the nearest to the airport is located at 1630 Northwest 87th Avenue. They have a long list of yummy recipes you can take home, including Renegade Sirloin, Napa Grilled Chicken, Flat Iron Steak, Redrock Grilled Shrimp, Flo’s Filet, LongHorn Salmon and more at
  5. 5. Burritoville Do you fancy burritos, quesadillas, tacos or any Mexican style recipes? The fast casual, quick-serve restaurant has them, and you can order for takeout! Their unique offering of quick-casual Mexican concept had grown in popularity, prompting the proprietor to open franchise opportunities to any business minded individual, one of which is the owner of a franchise located at 1 Curtiss Parkway in Miami Springs just a few blocks away from Miami airport. See their menu at
  6. 6. Fit 2 Go How about a healthy gourmet lunch delivery? Fit 2 Go is your contact at 7342 Northwest 35th Street if you need a treat after a busy day or just need something to enjoy in your comfort zone alone or with your family. But what I really liked about this service is that they help you plan your meal each day. The value you get from each meal is available in their menu, making you aware of what your body will get. See their menu at
  7. 7. Pops Pizza & Subs For pizza lovers like me, this pizza hub deserves to be listed in the list of contacts for pizza delivery. They have more than 30 yummy daily specials to choose from including pizza ham/pepperoni, tuna salad platters, recipes with grilled chicken, and many others. They are located at 3623 Northwest 36th Street. For a complete list of pizza goodness and other delightful recipes, visit their website at
  8. 8. “ Your favorite takeout restaurant near Miami International Airport might not have been listed here. Feel free to use thecomment box below to share great things about them so our friends reading this looking for the same thing can expand their list of options, too.