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Bjana Vaishali celebrating holi and Bihar Diwas.

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Bjana vaishali

  1. 1. PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”Dear Friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen; Happy Holi and Bihar Divas to you and to your family. We are starting a newchapter for Bjana in 2011. I am happy to be the President of Bjana. My goal is tobring this Organization together and to a different level. With your support andcooperation, we have to get the younger generation involved and to form a youthforum. I want to invite the younger generation to come forward and join ourExecutive Committee. Our goal is to make this Organization open, vibrant, andtransparent. Do not look at the past. Please help to build Present and Future ofBjana. This is a volunteer Organization and we need you to come forward to help usachieve our goals. No organization can progress without support of its members.Here are some of our purposes and goals for Bjana. BJANA’S GOALS  Support philanthropic work for Bihar and Jharkand  Fund raising events for Charitable work in Bihar and Jharkand  Cultural Events like HOLI, DIWALI, NEW YEAR, SUMMER PICNIC  Form youth Forum  Expand Membership-Everyone is Invited  Increase number of Executive Committee members  Help to set up Bjana Chapter in U.S.A. and other countries  Start a New Website-with current technology  News letter twice a year  Journal during HOLI, DIWALI  Develop Data base for U.S.A. and International Bjana MembersI hope we will achieve our goals with your support. Please come forward and workfor Bjana. I want to thank all past presidents and patrons who have supportedBjana since 1974. We are all together for Bjana’s Progress. Thank you, Binod Kumar Sinha, M.D.,F.A.C.S
  2. 2. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Happy Holi From Dr. Binod & Renu SinhaDr. Binod Sinha is Board Certified in Urology by the American Board of Urology andfellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has published in journals of Urology,invited to give talks nationally and internationally and first Urologist from NJ to beinvited as a director to run a course to teach other Urologist about office based LaserSurgery by American Urological Association annual meeting in May 2011. Urology Care of Central New Jersey  4 Progress Street Suite A-9 Edison, NJ 08820 Tel: 908-754-9280  2333 Morris Avenue Suite A-7 Union, NJ 07083 Tel: 908-686-2020  81 Veronica Avenue Suite 204-A Somerset, NJ 08873 Tel: 732-227-9110
  3. 3. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Mr. Birendra Kumar, Chair, BJANA Philanthropy & Immediate Past PresidentMr. Kumar, MBA, CPA served as BJANA President from 2006 thru 2011 andinitiated Philanthropy projects to help improve under privileged children healthand education in a true service spirit and intense desire to “Give Back “to homestates –Bihar and Jharkhand. Single handed raised funds for BJANA to contributeto Vikalng Hospital-$15,000: Adivashi School-$2,000; and Aid India-$2,500.He is a Tax & Financial advisor to corporations, professionals, and many religiousand private Foundations. Maya and Birendra are long time resident of Ridgewood,northern NJ, proud parent of Dr. Brijendra Kumar, a practicing internist, and RubyKumar-Thompson, Esq., a civil litigator in Bergen County. He is a certified AmritYoga Teacher, an avid student and frequent lecturer of Yoga and Vedic scriptures,has been teaching yoga weekly for last ten years at several Hindu temples.Mr. Kumar hails from Khagaria, a Gold Medalist graduate of Bhagalpur University,Gold Medalist of Eastern India Chartered Accountant Region, Scored in Top 64 (1stin NJ) in USA CPA examination. He is the Founder Chairman of AmericanAssociation of Indian Accountants; served as President of Westchester chapterand then Regional Vice President of the Tax Executive Institute, Washington, D.C.,a premier international organization of corporate tax executives; served asPresident of Arya Samaj of New Jersey; currently Chairman of Business Committeeof Federation of Indian Associations.In 2006, Birendra ji took over BJANA, an almost moribund and bankruptorganization. Not that he served our community in US selflessly, contributed toBihar and Jharkhand children welfare, and to top all, left BJANA with a surplusover $5,000 and a strong, dedicated successor Executive Committee.
  4. 4. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 History of Bihar Ancient TimesThe land mass currently known as Bihar is very ancient. The name is derived from “Vihara” – aland of monasteries. Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Muslim, and Sikh shrines abound in this ancientland. Earliest myths and legends of Hinduism are associated with Bihar. Sita, the Consort ofLord Rama, daughter of King Janak was born in Sitamarhi. The ancient kingdom of Janakcalled Vidaha consisted of present day districts of Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Samastipur,Madhubany, and Darbhanga. The original author of the Hindu epic – The Ramayana –Maharishi Valmiki lived in Valmikinager, a small town in West Champaran.It was here in Bodhgaya, under a banyan tree, the Bodh tree, that Prince Gautama attainedsupreme knowledge to become Buddha, the enlightened one. Most of the major events of hislife, like enlightenment, last sermon, and nirvana (death) happened in Bihar. The great religionof Buddhism was born here, and Bodhgaya is one of the most important and sacred Buddhistpilgrimage centers in the world.The Lord Mahavira, the founder of Jainism, was born at Vaishali and attained nirvana (death) atPawapuri, near Rajgir. The tenth and the last guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh was bornin 1666 in Patna Sahib. A lovely and majestic Gurudwara – the Harmandir, built tocommemorate his memory, is one of the holiest places of worship for Sikhs. The ancientkingdom of Magadh and of Licchavis, around 7-8 Century B.C. produced rulers who devised asystem of administration that truly is progenitor of the modern art of state-craft and of thelinkage of state-craft with economics. Magadh rose to glory during Guptas (4th and 5th centuriesA.D.) and produced Kaultilya, the author of Arthashastra, the first treaties of the modernscience of Economics and Chanakya, the advisor to the Magadh king, Chandragupta Maurya.Chanakya produced the first Indian treaties on state-craft and politics. Patliputra (ancient nameof Patna, the Mauryan capital) was established by King Ajatshatru around 5th century B.C. at theconfluence of the rivers Sone and Ganga.The Maurya Emperor Ashok (234-198 B.C) was the first to formulate firm tenets for thegovernment of a people. These edicts inscribed on stone pillars were planted across hiskingdom extending to almost all of the undivided India. Ashok was responsible also for thewidespread proselytization of people in Buddhism.Nalanda, the world’s first seat of higher learning, a Monastic University was established duringthe Gupta period and flourished from the 5th to the 11th century. The University had 9 millionbooks and 2000 teachers to impart knowledge to 10,000 students from all over the Buddhistworld. Lord Buddha himself taught here and Hieun Tsang, the 7th century Chinese traveler, wasa student. Ongoing excavations have uncovered temples, monasteries, lecture halls andcharred library burned by Mughal invaders.
  5. 5. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011The Khuda Baksh oriental library has rare muslim manuscripts including some from theUniversity of Cordoba, Spain. Medieval TimesThe glorious history of Bihar lasted until around the 8th century Gupta Period. It was followedup by the Palas of Bengal, who ruled until 1197, when the Mughal period began. In MedievalTimes, Bihar lost its prestige as the political and cultural center of India. The Mughal period,which lasted from the 12th to the 17th century, was a period of unremarkable provincialadministration from Delhi. The only remarkable person of these times in Bihar was Sher Shah,an Afghan whose rule in the 16th century extended all the way to the Punjab. His mausoleum islocated in Sasaram. Modern TimesThe British acquired Bihar in 1764 in the Battle of Buxar and ruled until India’s independence in1947. During most of British India, Bihar was a part of the Presidency of Bengal and wasgoverned from Calcutta, dominated by people from Bengal. When separated by the BengalPresidency in 1912, Bihar and Orissa comprised a single province. Later in 1935, the division ofOrissa became a separate province. In 1956 the southeast district of Puralia was incorporatedinto West Bengal. The state was further bifurcated in 2001, and a new state “Jharkhand” cameinto existence.It was from Bihar that Mahatma Gandhi launched in 1917, his civil disobedience movement,which ultimately led to India’s independence in 1947. Many people from Bihar became leadingparticipants in India’s struggle for independence. Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the firstPresident of the Republic of India. Jay Prakesh Narayan affectionately called JP, madesubstantial contributions to modern Indian history until his death in 1979. It was he, whosteadfastly and staunchly opposed the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi. The movement startedby JP, however brought the emergency to an end; led to the massive defeat of Indira Gandhi atthe poll and restored liberal democracy.In the immediate post-independence period, Bihar saw an economic growth throughestablishment of new industry and power projects. However, the state has experienced anextreme and progressively escalating decline in the last decade or two, making it the worstadministered and the poorest state at the dawn of the new millennium. A new progressivegovernment came into power in November 2005 and has succeeded in reversing the economicand law and order decline of decades, and is poised to make significant economic gain. Bihar’sGDP grew at the rate of 11% during last 4 years, outpacing the India’s average growth.This landlocked state of Bihar is surrounded by Nepal, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and comprisesthree cultural regions – Bhojpur, Mithila, and Magadh. Rivers Kosi and Gandak from the northand Sone from the south join the Ganga. In the fertile plains, rice, sugar cane, oilseeds, maize,jute, barley and wheat are cultivated. The present Bihar is predominantly rural and agricultural.
  6. 6. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011Jharkhand, which was carved out in 2000, comprises of Chotanagpur in south surrounded byBihar, Chattisgarh and Orissa. Damodar river flows through the picturesque plateau and itsvalley is the Rohr of India. Under its soil, minerals abound. TourismJerusalem is a place of religions pilgrimage for believers of three different religions- Christianity,Islam, and Judaism. Bihar is the destination of religious tourism for believers of five distinctreligions- Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Recent EventsThe wall Street Journal reported on May 29, 2010 that India’s GDP grew 7.1% in FYE3/31/2010, projected to grow 8.5% in FYE 3/31/2011, and is expected to grow at 11% in thefuture. As against this, Bihar’s growth has been at 11% in last 4 years.Bill Gates visited village Gulria in Khagaria in May 2010 to launch “kala jar” eradication program.In September 2010, Dalai Lama inaugurated “Karuna” stupa in newly created Buddha Park inPatna, near Patna railway station on the site of old Jail. SUPER 30The Time Magazine named Super 30 in the list of “The Best of Asia 2010”. Super 30 is Bihar’sfree coaching center which helps economically backward students crack the Indian Institute ofTechnology-Joint Entrance Examination. This project was started by Anand Kumar andAbhyanand in 2003 and since then 182 out of total 210 students have made it to ITT.Every year, about 230,000 students take the exam for a seat in the ITTs but only 5000 grab it.Last Year, 30 of them came from one coaching center in Patna, capital of Bihar, a 100%success rate. NY Times Glowing Report- April 10, 2010Bihar’s turnaround illustrates how a handful of seemingly small changes can yield big results inIndia’s most impoverished and badly governed regions. Bihar is a textbook case of howleadership determines development.When Mr. Nitish Kumar took over, he found government offices filled with dusty files andRemington typewriters. It was as if most of the 20th century had passed Bihar by. He tackledcrime first. Next came schools and hospitals. He loosened bureaucratic rules to moveinfrastructure projects along more rapidly. However, despite all these spectacular results,almost no private investment has come into Bihar. Now that Nitish Govt was reelected withthumping majority, this may change.
  7. 7. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 BIHAR DIWASPATNA: Bihar Diwas, to mark the 99th anniversary of separate statehood status to Bihar, will beobserved from Monday for the first time at official level.The functions will be held at over 25,000 centers, including schools, across the state and also atother places in the country and abroad.Earlier, Bihar was tagged with Bengal and Orissa. First it was separated from Bengal and finallyfrom Orissa on March 22, 1912. However, the state never observed its foundation day in the past.At all the functions, the glorious history of the state, its cultural and historical heritage, traditionsand achievements will be highlighted, besides the achievements of the state in recent times. Themain function will be held at Gandhi Maidan where a three-day extravaganza includes colorfuland academic events.At Gandhi Maidan, replicas of the secretariat, Golghar, Mahabodhi temple and Jal Mandir ofPawapuri have been made, besides a 12-feet high statue of Lord Buddha. At the entrance, thereplicas of Yakshi and Ashokan Pillar have been installed. Also, replicas of all places of worship,temple, mosque, gurdwara and church have been installed to attract the visitors.
  8. 8. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Executive Committee: A Brief ProfileDr. Binod Sinha, PresidentDr. Binod Sinha is Board Certified in Urology. He is in privatepractice in central NJ since 1995 and affiliated with Robert WoodJohnson University Hospital as an active attending and clinicalassistant professor in the Department of Urology at UMDNJ. Heis involved in teaching Urology residents. He was the firsturologist in central NJ to start CRYO treatment for prostatecancer. He is one of the first urologists to start laser surgery forprostate problems in the office setup. He has been invited todeliver talks nationally and internationally on prostate diseases.He is invited by American Urological Association to become director and to offercourse on office base surgery. He is married with Renu Sinha and they have twochildren Tara and Ravi Sinha. Dr. Sinha and his family live in Colts Neck NJDr. Sudhanshu Prasad, Vice PresidentDr. Sudhanshu Prasad is board Certified in internal medicineand practice in Rahway Edison area. He was chairman ofMedicine Dept at JFK Hospital and elected Council man in EdisonArea since 2009.Mr. Subodh Kumar, General SecretaryMr. Subodh a native of Patna graduated from BIT, Sindri inElectronics and Communication and worked in TCIL, India forfive years. Migrated to USA in 1988. He is currently working asa Senior IT consultant and manages ERP projects and IT. Hecurrently lives in Suffern, NY and has two sons.Mr. Kamlesh Tiwary, Joint SecretaryMr. Kamlesh Tiwary is an engineering graduate from Karnataka,working for Cognizant Technology Solutions. He is a resident ofHillsborough, New Jersey. His Native Place is Ara Bihar. He isMarried to Bina and they have 3 years old Son Harsheil.Mr. Upendra Sinha, TreasurerMr. Upendra Sinha is a resident of Edison, NJ. He works for MTAin New York City. He has been serving BJANA for many years asa Treasurer. His wife, Sugiti is are proud grandparents of Anika.Mr. Birendra Kumar, Exec Member Chairman PhilanthropyMr. Kumar, 2006 -2011 BJANA President, is a C.P.A. specializingin taxation and financial planning. Until recently, he was chieftax officer of a multi-national, multi-billion Corporation. Mr.Kumar and his wife, Maya are residents of Ridgewood, NJ since1986. Their son, Dr. Brijendra Kumar, M.D. is a practicing
  9. 9. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011internist in Wilmington, DE, and daughter, Ruby Kumar -Thompson, Esq. anattorney is a civil litigator in Bergen County, NJ. They are proud grandparent ofAlex, Kieran and Bianca.Ms. Ruchika Tandon, Exec MemberMs. Ruchika Tandon is a resident of Hackettstown, NJ. A nativeof Ranchi, she is a friend and volunteer with the HackettstownRegional Medical Center.Mr. Sunil Anand, Exec MemberMr. Sunil K. Anand is a CPA and associated with manyassociations such as American Institute of Certified PublicAccountants, New York State Society of Certified PublicAccountants, New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants,Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India, American BoardOf Forensic Accountants. He is resident of NY and has been in practice for over 25years. Involved with foundations including the one in Patna Bihar for the past 8/9years where a modern state of art hospital has been built to perform Polio surgeriesand artificial Limbs.Mr. Alok Kumar, Exec MemberMr. Alok Kumar is a native of Darbhanga, He is a resident ofEdison-NJ. He is very much associated with various socialorganizations of Indian-American community in New Jersey.Presently working for IT consulting company Apex TechnologyGroup Inc.Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Exec MemberSanjay has done MBA in Marketing from Bihar University andBachelor of Engineering in Electronics from BangaloreUniversity. He is one of the principals of Kaizen Technologies,Inc, Stamford based Multinational company with interest inRevenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing, TechnologyConsulting and billing center in Mumbai India. He has been associated very closelywith ISSYOGA, a global spiritual organization out of Patna, with a mission tobringing peace and love to entire community. Sanjay lives in Nutley, NJ with hiswife Renu Gupta, son Ashish and daughter Sanjana.Mr. Gyaneeshwar Prasad, Exec MemberMr. Milan Saha, Exec MemberMilan Saha is the son of Dr. Deonarayan Saha of Bhagalpur andDr. Usha Saha of Khagharia. He received his B.A. degree fromThe Johns Hopkins University and his J.D. degree from NewYork Law School. He is currently the senior associate at aboutique tax law firm in New York, New York and resides in
  10. 10. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011Jersey City, Jersey. He is also on the Board of Trustees of the North AmericanSouth Asian Bar Association Foundation. He has one older brother who is aphysician practicing family medicine in Albany, New York.___________________________________________________________________ PHILANTHROPIC PROJECTS REPORT Birendra Kumar, Chairman, BJANA PhilanthropyBJANA has selected three philanthropic projects in Bihar and Jharkhand for our commonsupport. We look forward to expand this with your continuing support.1. BHARAT VIKASH VIKLANG NIYAS AND HOSPITALLocated in Pahari, Guljarbagh, Patna, is engaged in providing free of charge artificial limbsto handicap children throughout Bihar and Jharkhand, since 1999. It holds camps in variousplaces and serves approximately 1100 children every year. It has recently constructed athree story building on Gaya- Patna road and construction is ongoing. It also started poliosurgery operation since December, 2008.It needs fund for an elevator, a mobile van, completion of third floor to set up rehabilitationcenter, and annual operating cost.2. VILLAGE HOPE FOUNDATION SUPPORTS ADIVASHI UTHAN SANGH, SIMDEGA, which is engagedsince 1999, in running a primary school in a tribal village in Jharkhand. The education is focused onagriculture, horticulture, and organic farming skill that can provide self employment in village.Currently, it is constructing a brick 2 story building and need fund.3. Aid India-Eureka Child, which is currently working in 3 Bihar districts: Gaya, Jahanabad, andArwal, focused on education (improving reading and science skills) and solar lamp distribution. Thedistribution of the Tata-BP solar lamps enable village children to lengthen the study time in theevenings. Visit www.EurekaChild.orgReading program for 150 children (budget: Rs 40,000), to improve the reading skills, and solarelectrification of one tola (50 families) (budget: Rs 1000, 000).We added a new dimension to BJANA, and embarked upon philanthropy for the first time in the historyof BJANA to help and uplift Bihar and Jharkhand needy children. Our search for worthy projects beganin 2007, heeding the call of Bihar Chief Minister given in the 2007 Bihar NRI conference in Patna. Weset the selection criteria: (1) support existing and running projects, (2) projects managed bydedicated local donors and volunteers, (3) supervised and financed by other fellow NRIs, (40 servingstate wide tribal or rural underprivileged area.BJANA has supported these philanthropic efforts to help children back home in Bihar and Jharkhandfor last three years (2008 to 2010). BJANA with generous supporters like you has contributed$15,000 to Bharat Vikash Parishad Viklang Hospital in Patna. BJANA also contributed $2,000 toVillage Hope Foundation, which has been, since 1999, running a primary school in a tribal villagenear Simdega, Jharkhand, and $2,500 to Aid India, which provides after school coaching and solarlamp to needy backward village children in Gaya, Jahanabad and Arwal districts in Bihar.Time has come to set up a "Bihar Foundation" or “Giving Circle”, to which we all can makecontribution and make grant to deserving institutions in Bihar and Jharkhand. A BJANA patron canalso direct his/her contribution to a worthy cause and/or deserving case through BJANA.BJANA thanks all the Patrons and contributors, whose support has made this a success.
  11. 11. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 S.K.ANAND, CPA, PC ACCOUNTANTS, AUDITORS AND CONSULTANTS LIST OF SERVICES PROVIDED CFO SERVICES  Our firm, with its team has successfully rendered and is currently providing services to two major methadone clinics and other non-profit corporations. These services include:  Setting up books of accounts by various funds and on consolidated basis including preparation and monitoring of general ledger, trial balance, cash receipts and disbursement journals, statement of financial position, statement of budgeted revenues, expenditure and variance reports by grant, statement of revenue and expenditures, monthly bank reconciliation, printing books of accounts on a monthly basis, set up payroll, set up g/a - according to OMB circular 122 & others - by funds  Based on the past and current experience, of our firm, working as CFO, we believe that the skills and capabilities of our team of professionals can best serve the needs of your corporation through the application of specialized industry expertise and a commitment to providing services at the highest possible level instead of having a single person REPORTING  Monitoring and submission of monthly / quarterly reports to various grantors, setting up g/a in CIMS report - various funds  Reconciling CIMS report with statement of revenue & expenditures  Reconciling g/a per CIMS report with statement of revenue & expenditures INTERNAL CONTROL  Set up various internal controls, which include accounts payable (purchase requisition, purchase order, receiving report, invoices, etc.), payroll, cash and cash equivalents, (set up segregation of various cash systems through various internal controls), to ensure their compliance with GAAP and any other requirements by the funding sources. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL AUDITS (INCLUDING A-133) OTHER FINANCIAL SERVICES (INCLUDING NEGOTIATING LEASES FOR THE COPIERS, RENTAL AND OTHER OFFICE EQUIPMENT Some Clients Immediate ReferencesSpectrum Health Care Systems, Inc. Mr. Ned Cox, CEO 201-451-2544 x226The Lennard Clinic, Inc. Mr. Lewis Ware, CEO 973-596-2850 x276 Mr. Samuel Roberson, HR Director 973-596-2850 x272Aspira Inc of New Jersey Mr. Carlos Valentin, CEO 973-573-8931 cell 973-484-7554Aspira of New York, Inc. Mr. Hector Gesualdo, CEO 212-564-6880 x 8102Puerto Rican Family Institute Ivan Quervalu, Ph.D., LMSW 646-695-6602Funding Sources ReferencesState of New Jersey, DASDepartment of Human Services Ms. Terri Pierson, Director 609-984-0886State of New Jersey, Division of HIVDepartment of Health and Senior Services Mr. Gary Zito, Grant Officer 609-984-588812 Poe Court Member of: American Institute of CPAsStaten Island, NY 10307 New York State Society of CPAsTel: (718) 605-3434 New Jersey State Society of CPAsFax: (718) 701-4833; (212) 239-1559 American Board of Forensic AccountantCell: (917) 856-3388
  12. 12. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 Past PresidentsIndira Nand Jha Dr. Vinod K. SinhaDr. B. Dhar Mr. Ranvir SinhaMr. Sadiq Imam Mrs. Saroj KumarDr. S. N. Sinha Dr. Kavita SinhaDr. C. N. Sinha Mr. Sanjay PrakashDr. K. Kantu Mr. Pankaj KumarMr. Dharmatma Saran Dr. G. N. RoyDr. G. N. Roy Mr. Ajoy SinhaDr. Gopal K. Sinha Mr. Birendra Kumar HONOR & ACHIEVEMENTSDr. Binod K. Sinha has been invited by American UrologicalAssociation to be Director and run a course during Annual Meetingin May 2011 in Washington D.C. Dr. Sinha is also invited inPARIS(FRANCE) to give talks on Urinary Incontinence in FrenchAnnual Urological Meeting in September 2011.Dr. Anshu Sinha, daughter of Dr. Lakshman Sinha and Mrs. KiranSinha, completed her Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Informatics fromColumbia University in 2010. Her research is in the area of geneexpression analysis to uncover biological processes andrelationships.Dr. Cynthia B. Sinha, daughter-in-law of Dr. Lakshman Sinha andMrs. Kiran Sinha, completed her Ph.D. in Sociology from GeorgiaState University in 2010. Her research explored parenting strategieswithin the second-generation Indian American family. She ismarried to Mr. Nishith Sinha.Vivake Prasad , a 2009 graduate from Carnegie Mellon University,spent a year with Indicorps, a NGO in Rajasthan, connecting ruralyouth with employers. Vivake is now working in New Delhi for PRSLegislative Research, analyzing proposed legislation, writing policybriefs and recommendations for Electoral Reforms.
  13. 13. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011 LIFE MEMBERSAbhay Sinha Kishore Bijay K. & Mridula Dr. Amrendra P.Abhay & Kavita Arindam & Arunima Choudhary SinghSinha Kuila Bijoy K & Chinta Dr. Lakshman &Abhishek Kumar Arjun & Kusum Mehta Kiran SinhaAbhishek & Rita Prasad Bimla R. P. & GKChandan Arun & Rita Verma Prabha Sinha Ganesh TambatAjay Sao Arvind & Chitra Binay and Lata Gaya P & ShantiAjay & Asha Jain Kumar Sinha AgrawalAjay P. Singh Arvind & Nita Das Binmala & Ravinder Gopal SahuAjoy & Geeta Roy ASHISH KUMAR Grover Gopal & Renu SinhaAjoy & Madhu Ashok & Chhabi Binod & Madhu Gopaljee & KamlaSinha Sinha Sinha JaiswalAjoy K. & Renu Ashok & Veena Binod & Meena Govind PrabhuSinha Singh Verma Guru & KumudAlok & Archana Ashutosh Aman Binod & Renu Sinha SaranSharan Ashutosh and Anita Birendra & Geeta Gyaneshwar andAlok/Deepika Naval Bajpay Sinha Usha PrasadKumar Ashwini Kumar Birendra & Maya H. P. Sinha &Amar & Anubha Atul Kumar Kumar Pushpa SinhaSinha Avinash & Geeta Braj Bihari & Sarita Hare Krishna &Amar N. & Kavita Gupta Mishra Poonam SinhaMishra Avinash & Reshma Brijendra Kumar Harish MohanAmarjit and Channi Varma C. N. & Neelam Hemant and MadhuMomi Awadhesh & Mita Sinha KumarAmitabh & Reema Roy Chandra Nath Das Hemant P. SinghChandra Awadhesh and Chandrika & Urmila Hemlata BhatiaAmod Choudhary Sikha Sinha Prasad Himangshu &Anand Wardhan Awadhesh K. and D. Mukutyar Manju KatriarKhandewal Sikha Sinha D. K. & Lalita Singh Himanshu &Anant V & Sunita B. K. Gupta Deepak Lal Pratibha SinhaJoshi B. N. Chaudhary Deepak Verma I. KapadiaAndrew Bose B. N. Choudhary Deo Narayan & Indira Nand JhaAnil Gupta Badri & Vibha Usha Saha Indradev & NeeluAnil Sinha Prasad Dharm N. & Sushila PrasadAnil & Saroj Kumar Bala S. Prasad Yadav J. S. YadavAnjani & Anita Baleshwar & Shanti Dharmatma & Jagadish & RamaShrivastava Prasad Neelam Saran PrasadAnjani & Dr. Lata Balkrishna & Dilip Mandavia Jawahar SinghSinha Kalpana Sinha Dilip & Gayatri Jogendra &Anjani & Kuntala Bharat Shah Chowdhary Shakuntala PrasadSinha Bharat and Geeta Divendu & Pratima Jugal & RashmiAnjani & Meera Sinha Narayan SoodSinha Bhawesh & Rashmi Divendu And Kamal & RanjanaAnjani & Shalini Choudhary Pratima Narayan Kishore
  14. 14. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011Kamal & Usha Navin & Mary Sinha Rabindra P. & Ranjan & NeelamMallick Neil Chaudhary Kumud Sinha KumarKamal K. and Ruby Nilendu Srivastava Raghunath Prasad Ranjit & Dr. MeenaDutta Nirmala Mandal Raj Kashyap SinhaKamal/Ranjana Nirmalendu Raj & Suman Gupta Ranvir SinhaKishore Choubey Rajat & Ambalika Ravi & Nina SharmaKameshwar & Moti Nirmalendu and Verma Ravi P. & VimlaKairab Dipawali Srivastava Rajeev Parjiar VidyarthiKamlesh Choudhry Om And Sarla Rajeev & Manju Rishi SharmaKamlesh Tiwary Khemka Gupta Robby PrasadKamlesh & Rashmi onkar singh Rajendra Prasad Rohini Pati & VimlaTewary P. Ashoka Rajendra & SinhaKanhaiyalal and Chakarvarti Vidyotma Prasad Ronald SextusNirmala Kantu P. R. Shah Rajesh and Ruchika TandonKapildeo And Pallavi Verma Madhulika Sahu S. ShariffMamta Singh Pankaj Sharan Rajesh K. & Kavita S. K. & Manju SinhaKeshav Shrivastava Pankaj & Chitra Sinha Sabahul & RehanaKeshav & Pratima Sinha Rajinder & Bina HaquePrasad Pankaj & Kalpna Kapila Sahil And GajalaKeshav M. Rajsakha Kumar Rajiv & Nishi Sahay SaifKrishnadeo P. Paritosh & Shubha Rajiv & Swarna Sajjan NemaniSharma Bajpay Varma Sandeep AndKunal Ghosh Parmatma & Rajiv And Madhuri Sangeeta KumarM. N.& Tahira Roopam Saran Agarwal Sandeep Shalini &Akhtar Phulan & Savitri Rakesh Kumar Vedika DayalMadan Gupta Sinha Rakesh & Ritu Sinha Sanjay KumarMadan & Malaya Prabhat & Shilpie Rakesh Kumar & Sanjay SinhaSrivastava Sinha Sushma Himashu Sanjay & JyotiMadan & Prakash & Jaya Kumar PrakashPrabhavati Dubey Kumar Ram Dwivedi Sanjay & ShilaMahendu Ganju Pramod & Geeta Ram & Jyotsna SrivastavaManish Kumar Verma Sinha Sanjay & Simmi RajManish Kumar Pramod & Poonam Ram and Mona Sanjay And RoopaManish & Chitra Bhanti Kishore KumarVarma Pramod And Soni Ram Keshwar & Sanjay And SarikaManju Sharma Kumar Binda Prasad BarnwalMohan & Pranay Sinha Raman & Mira Sanjay K. GuptaAlaknanda Bhujle Pratima Jha Kumar Sanjeev & DivyaMritunjay & Indira Praveen & Jayshree Raman & Shashi DayalSinha Ballabh Daga Sanjeev & MadhuMritunjay & Meera Pravin & Kamini Ramesh & Prabha AnejaSingh Patel Tandon Sanjiv & ShaunaMurari Bijpuria Prof. Baidya N. & Ranbin Kumar SahayNand K. Jha Savitri Varma Ranbir & Sangita Sant & NirmalaNand K. & Kanak Pushpa L. Prasad Kumar SinghNarain Qazi Moid Randhir Sinha Sarita MishraNarendra Prasad R. D. Gupta Randhir & Shalu Saroj AlcawadiNaresh Kumar R. K Sonesh Mishra Satya & Nita
  15. 15. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011Kastuar Sneha Verma Suresh Choudhary SinhaSatya P. & Champa Subodh Kumar Suresh Gupta Usha SinhaVidyarthi Sudha Karna Suresh & Kusum Ved & ManjuSatyajit Chadda Sudhanshu & Sunita Patel SharmaSeema Dhar Srivastava Suresh & Meena Veena GandhiShambhu & Gayatri Sudhanshu & Suravi Patel Vibhuti JhaModi Prasad Suresh & Minu Vijay VarmaShambhu Nath & Sudhanshu and Mishra Vijay & JayshreeGeeta Dey Sarita Singh Sureshwar P. Singh SinhaShanti Roy Sugriv And Shalini Sushant Srivastava Vijay and PoonamShashi Shekhar & Barnwal Sushil And Anjani VermaNita Sinha Sujeet Singh Kumar Vikash & PriyaShashikar K. Dayal Sukanta and Swachhand VarmaSheo And Vijaya Shyamashree LastNameUnknown Vinod ParrekPrasad Sengupta Syed Mohad. Vinod & RanjanaSheo Narayan & Sunil Anand Bokhari SinhaPramila Sinha Sunil Choudhary Sylvester Fernandez Vishwa Mohan &Shiv Verma Suraj K. & Gayatri T. N. & Urmila Ragini PrasadShivaji & Mala Singh Bajpay Yogendra P. & UshaPathak Surendra and Uday & Sangeeta YadavShyam Nandan & Nirmal Rametra VarmaPushpa Prasad Surendra Nath & Uma SenguptaShyam S. Biswas Kamini Tiwari Upendra & Sugiti Brinen & AssociatesBrinen & Associates is a planning and transaction-oriented boutique tax law firm that offers legal andtax advice to clients for estate planning, estate administration, corporate endeavors, securities andtaxation.The Firm works domestically and internationally with both individuals and business enterprises inCanada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Contact Milan Saha, Esq. for your free Estate Planning consultation. Knowledge of United States tax laws; Understanding of Indian values 7 Dey Street, Suite 1503, New York, New York 10007 Telephone: (212) 330-8151 Facsimile: (212) 227-0201 Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
  16. 16. BJANA HOLI & BIHAR DIWAS 2011