Account of the Numbersons - Chapter 0.2


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Account of the Numbersons - Chapter 0.2

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  2. 2. In true, color-clashing form (seriously… my eyes…) Zero and Beth are still ridiculously in love.Considering they got married the day after they met and have 10 children I‟d say they‟re doing pretty freaking good, wouldn‟t you?A lot has happened since I last posted an Account of these Numbersons. Indeed, if I recall correctly, when we left off last time, Hitotsu and Ichiwere newborns.Yes?Oh, you probably don‟t remember them…since they have 8 older siblings who all look pretty much alike… WELL THEN.
  3. 3. This is the last group shot I have of our wonderful family which, though outdated, is the only one where everyone is both without diapers andwithout grey hair. As you may have guessed, I played very, very far ahead. This is for fun, after all, and to be honest I don‟t think you NEED meto *observe* 10 children going through toddler skills and acne cream. (Also, with 12 sims and 4 cats in the house I was slightly too busy to takemany pictures anyway…ahem.) Basically the plan for this update is to catch you all up on what‟s changed at the Numberson residence inBluewater Village without boring you to death with details AND to get an heir poll started! As I said to a friend while putting this together, thisupdate is essentially “HI LET ME SHOW YOU AN OLD PICTURE OF THE FAMILY -- LOOK, CATS! – OH HEY, RANDOM SHOTS OFEACH KID WITH BIOGRAPHIES AND CRAP and then finally THE END, LOL.”Er, so, with that in mind, let me reintroduce you to everyone. From left to right we have the following Numbersons: One, Beth, Zero, and Eins inthe back row, Uma, Yat, Yi, and Una in the middle row, Ane and Eme in the front row, & Hitotsu, Cat, Neko, Heidi, and Ichi sitting on theground.Oh that‟s right, you‟ve not met Heidi. You poor, unfortunate beings…
  4. 4. “Cat go circle roundround. RoundyroundroundROUNDround--blue -four -seven -ROUND.”Heidi is what I like to call… *special* -- That is to say she is absolutely, completely, and entirely insane. Or severely lacking in cognitive ability.Or both. Actually, let‟s go with both.
  5. 5. Unfortunately she was about the only cat available to breed with Cat, and as we needed some generation 1 kittens before Cat was, well, dead…yeah. She‟s pretty enough, if slow, and I had high hopes that she and Cat would get along really well.Haha, no.
  6. 6. You see, up until Heidi arrived, Cat had *the life.*Rolling around in the grass, being choked nearly to death by theoccasional Numberson (hi, Ichi!), and giving Friedrich backmassages daily were just some of Cat‟s favored activities.
  7. 7. In fact you may recall Cat‟s best friend Friedrich the Canary from lastchapter. Indeed, Friedrich and Cat are far easier for me to remember thanany of the kids…Anyway.The problem between Cat and Heidi, aside from Cat being royallycheesed off that there was another feline in the vicinity at all, was noneother than Friedrich himself.Just minutes after her arrival, Heidi decided it might be a good idea to getto know the locals--you know, try to fit in. She began with Friedrich.Cat thought this was the stupidest thing he‟d ever heard and retaliated.On 3 single beds.We only had 3 single beds at that point.
  8. 8. Eventually, though, they started to get along. Sort of. And their first „hoo was a community social event.(I have never, ever understood this about the game. Are all sims perverts or what?)
  9. 9. A few days later, Heidi popped out an adorable white male kitten. He wasnamed Neko, which is Japanese for cat.Cat was actually fairly happy about the situation. He even let Neko playwith Friedrich from time to time.After much coaxing, of course.
  10. 10. So now you know who Heidi and Neko are, for the most part! Of course there was one more addition after that picture was taken…
  11. 11. A few days after Neko was born, I noticed some random white cat eating a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches. It took me far longer than I care toadmit to realize that this was Neko, all grown up.I was disappointed, really. While I was happy that Neko had Heidi‟s green eyes and Cat‟s medium coat, I‟d really wanted Cat‟s stripes to carryon, you see, so I had Heidi and Cat try for another kitten.It was a girl that time, named Pusa after the Filipino word for cat. Guess what she looked like…?
  12. 12. I know right, Eins? I couldn‟t believe that Pusa was a clone, either!Sigh.Moving on, though! As I sort of hinted at before, this update is not much more than a glorified heir poll. So… let‟s get on with that, shall we?From here on out you‟ll have pictures of everyone in the family, stats for the kids, as well as the occasional bit of information from behind thescenes.Kids are shown in order of birth, but let‟s start with the two most important groups first, hmm?
  13. 13. Name Origin EnglishNickname N/AStats 6/10/9/7/0Zodiac AriesColor Cornflower BlueSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FortuneSecondary Aspiration RomanceLifetime Want Become Hand of PoseidonCareer Path OceanographyOne True Hobby FitnessHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 4Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 3.5
  14. 14. About One: “What‟s up, readers and dudes? I‟m One Numberson. I feel like I should totally be in A.A. or something. Not that I drink or whatever but…whatever. As the oldest youd think Id feel like Ive got mega pressure to look really awesome for my bros and sisters, but nah. I kinda dothat by default or whatever. Im a really laid back dude. I love running and working out is pretty rad no matter what, but water is the fucking best. Any time Una n me can get the hell outta here were off to the gym together, and Im always in the pool. I love the ladies but I totally treat „em right, you know? I‟m no Mr. Big or anything. If Im, uh, elected? I‟d totally marry a chick and I totally swear to uphold the family rules. Oh, and were totally getting a pool.”
  15. 15. Name Origin GermanNickname N/AStats 1/10/6/4/8Zodiac LibraColor Cornflower BlueSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FamilySecondary Aspiration KnowledgeLifetime Want Reach Golden AnniversaryCareer Path ScienceOne True Hobby TinkeringHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 3.5Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 4
  16. 16. About Eins: "So Im just supposed to talk, right? Uh, hi, Im Eins. There isnt all that much to say about me. I‟m really nice? My brother One says Im ascience geek and hes basically right. I mean, I spend most of my time on the internet or messing with electronics. He also says I cry a lot, which I don‟t. No really. Don‟t look at me like that. I love my girlfriend Melody more than anything and I cant wait until were married. I havent exactly asked yet, but shell probably say yes. Right? Oh, speaking of that... you should probably hear about why you cant actually vote for me...”
  17. 17. Behind the Scenes Moment: There was this one incident, readers, in which,well…Eins got himself thoroughly disqualified from heirship as per rule#6… ---“I hope you know you were conceived in that bed, Eins.”“MOOOOM.”“Don‟t „moooom‟ me. You‟re paying for new sheets with your allowance.” ~later that evening~“Are these new sheets?”“Oh, God…ask your son.”“Er, which one?”
  18. 18. I really hope it was worth it. Call me crazy but I‟m pretty sure Melody Tinker is a psycho bitch…So yeah, keep in mind that Eins is out of the running!
  19. 19. Name Origin CantoneseNickname YattyStats 6/10/5/7/5Zodiac LeoColor OrangeSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FortuneSecondary Aspiration RomanceLifetime Want Become City PlannerCareer Path ArchitectureOne True Hobby Music & DanceHair Color BlackEye Color Light BlueSkin Color 3.5Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Blue-GreenSkin Recessive 4
  20. 20. About Yat: "Hey…Im Yat. Everyone pretty much calls me Yatty, though. (One calls me Yatty Fatty, but please, please dont you start that too. Im not fat! Im just not a freaking meathead like he is.) Ugh, so, me... um. I love music. I compose all my own stuff and I really want to get some of it out there. Id definitely perform if given the chance, but right now Im doing what mom told me--keeping my head in my books and getting myeducation. She wants me to have a backup plan, you know? So Im going into architecture if the whole music thing blows up in my face and shit. If Im picked as heir I will definitely make sure we all behave but we will SO have fun in the process. I sort of already have my eye on this girl Christy... so Im pretty sure I can fulfill that whole 9 kid thing. God, 9 kids. What the shit was my dad smoking when he came up with that one. You know, I bet it was Cats idea. That freaking animal is going to take over the world, just watch. I should also probably tell you that Im awesome, but thats only because that crazy chick with the camera is telling me to."
  21. 21. Name Origin MandarinNickname YiyiStats 10/3/10/7/1Zodiac ScorpioColor BlackSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration PleasureSecondary Aspiration FamilyLifetime Want Become Prof. Party GuestCareer Path SlackerOne True Hobby SportsHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 4Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 3.5
  22. 22. About Yi: “Hi! Im Yiyi and I guess its time to talk about me! I can definitely do that. My brothers and sisters all think Im a diva, which I guess I sort of am. Ill admit that! I just like things a certain way. Well, my way, to beprecise. Youd never know it but I love sports! Well, I like them on the inside. Ill glue myself in front of the TV to catch all the Sim State games but no way am I going outside and getting all sweaty! No way! I prefer to cheer from the sidelines.If you pick me we will have a blast! I love going to parties so well probably host a lot of those. Ill invite all of my sisters and brothers! Una too, even if shes a stupid bit--um. Thanks for listening!”
  23. 23. Name Origin SpanishNickname N/AStats 5/10/6/4/2Zodiac AriesColor WhiteSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FamilySecondary Aspiration PopularityLifetime Want Become Captain HeroCareer Path Law EnforcementOne True Hobby FitnessHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 4Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 3.5
  24. 24. About Una: "Hellooo, my name is Una. I really dont have much to say, but I can tell you that I love running! And yoga. Yoga is beast!When I grow up (hehe) I want to be a cop. I think its really great that they protect us and stuff. Oh, but no doughnuts for me! Ew. Coffee is bad for your teeth, too. Maybe Ill revolutionize police culture! We can be known for eating granola bars or something. If I get to be heir I will have no problem making lots of babies! I love kids. I love people and I love making new friends. I dont have a boyfriend yet, but thats just because I havent met The One! Hell come around soon enough. Oh, and I love my twin sister Uma!!!”
  25. 25. Name Origin PortugueseNickname N/AStats 0/9/9/4/6Zodiac GeminiColor WhiteSexual Orientation BisexualPrimary Aspiration Grilled CheeseSecondary Aspiration FamilyLifetime Want Eat 200 Grilled CheseCareer Path CulinaryOne True Hobby CuisineHair Color BlackEye Color Light BlueSkin Color 4Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Blue-GreenSkin Recessive 3.5
  26. 26. About Uma: "Hi! Hi! This is totally cheddar, Ive never talked to this many people before! Im Uma! I love cheese! Dont you love cheese? Its really gouda.I love to cook so my pepper jack family will always have a lot of cheese to eat! I want to open a restaurant that only serves cheese, isn‟t that parmesan?!?!?! Vote for me!!! HI UNA."
  27. 27. Behind the Scenes Moment: Uma was cheesed on her teen birthday because, as shown last chapter, she missed her last toddler skill. She rolledfamily as her secondary, though, and was really helpful with her younger siblings when they were babies. She‟d do okay, even if she‟s ever soslightly excitable.
  28. 28. Name Origin Lowland ScotsNickname N/AStats 6/3/7/4/5Zodiac CancerColor RedSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration Grilled CheeseSecondary Aspiration RomanceLifetime Want Eat 200 Grilled CheeseCareer Path PoliticsOne True Hobby SportsHair Color BlackEye Color Light BlueSkin Color 3.5Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Blue-GreenSkin Recessive 4
  29. 29. Name Origin Greek-MycenaeanNickname Em, EmmyStats 0/10/8/7/0Zodiac GeminiColor TealSexual Orientation BisexualPrimary Aspiration Grilled CheeseSecondary Aspiration RomanceLifetime Want Eat 200 Grilled CheeseCareer Path BusinessOne True Hobby SportsHair Color BlackEye Color Light BlueSkin Color 3.5Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Blue-GreenSkin Recessive 4
  30. 30. About Ane & Eme: "Hi, were Ane--“ "And Eme!“ "--and we do everything together.“ "If you pick us we will be really cheesetastic!“ "Yeah, and our husbands will be really jalapeno cheddar.“ "That Mr. Big guy is totally into Ane! Im not really looking at anyone right now, but Im all for free love and all that.” ---Behind the Scenes Moment: I hadn‟t played my Numbersons for quite a while before I started up again, so I thought Ane and Eme had finishedtheir toddler skills. They hadn‟t. As such, they both were cheesed on their teen birthdays and then rolled the Romance secondary. They are themost twin-like twins of the bunch. If chosen they will split the 9 kids of generation 2 between them as co-heirs.
  31. 31. Name Origin Japanese - Kun ReadingNickname TotsuStats 0/10/10/7/0Zodiac GeminiColor YellowSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FortuneSecondary Aspiration FamilyLifetime Want Become Head of SCIACareer Path IntelligenceOne True Hobby SportsHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 3.5Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 4
  32. 32. About Hitotsu & Ichi:"Hey, Im Totsu...thats Ichi... this is super weird. Me n Ichi are the babies of the family so we sort of get ignored a lot of the time. Were not used to.. talking. Not really." "Yeah, but thats cool. Wed rather run off and play soccer together anyway. ""Yeah! We love sports. Right now were both mascots for our high school team but we want more, like, serious jobs later on. I want to be in the SCIA!" "Right! And I totally want to go into teaching." "If you pick one of us we will definitely do well, and well make sure everyone ALWAYS stays active." "I want to install a basketball court." "Ooh, yeah! And another soccer goal."
  33. 33. Name Origin JapaneseNickname N/AStats 0/10/9/7/1Zodiac GeminiColor YellowSexual Orientation StraightPrimary Aspiration FamilySecondary Aspiration PleasureLifetime Want Become Education MinisterCareer Path EducationOne True Hobby SportsHair Color BlackEye Color Blue-GreenSkin Color 4Hair Recessive BlondeEye Recessive Light BlueSkin Recessive 3.5
  34. 34. Summary of Rules Broken & Followed (For rules see 0.1 or the thread at #1 - Rule #2 - Rule #3 -  3/10 (So far so good!)Rule #4 - (There are twelve rooms. See above.)Rule #5 - (With three cheese sims in the house, they‟re more than happy to make sure meals are served.)Rule #6 -  11/12 (Eins DQ‟d from Heirship)Rule #7 -  (Due to game glitch, the headmaster visit was impossible. No generation 1 sims will go to college)Rule #8 - Rule #9 - 9/12 (Uma, Ane, & Eme are Cheesed)Rule#10 -
  35. 35. The heir poll will be open for 48 hours (until Monday morning, basically). Go vote! Thank you for reading. 