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VentureConnect project description

  1. 1.   Projects for VentureConnect Forum 27th November, BucharestPintilie Broker de AsigurareThe company was launched at the end of 2006, putting all its bets on the power of the Internet,constantly optimizing their website, so that calculating a quotation for car insurancecan be as simple as ever, with just a few steps to be completed until the final purchase.. By doing so,the business has been growing constantly; therefore, 6 years later, Pintilie Insurance Broker grew frombeing a small one-bedroom apartment business to a full mature SME company, with over 60 people asstaff, enjoying now a spacious headquarter in the city center, with 7 other branches in Bucharest’s mainshopping areas.Today, their website is the most important information source for all the visitors, havingmore than 750.000 unique visitors (around 25% of the total car market) in the last 12 months and morethan 100.000 active clients.FinzoomFinZoom operates leading financial comparison portals in Bulgaria (, Romania( and Turkey (, and the leading mortgage brokerage company inBulgaria – Creditland ( FinZoom’s mission is to empower millions of consumers tomake well-informed decisions about their personal finances. Started in 2005 in Bulgaria and 2006 inRomania and Turkey, the portals are well positioned as aggregators and providers of transparentcomparison information on all financial products and services, including consumer loans, mortgages,credit cards, pay-day loans, auto-loans, business loans, deposits, current accounts, savings accountsmutual funds, pension funds and others. Because of the highly focused, quality visitor traffic FinZoom iswell established as a lead generation and sales channel for its partners.ShopMunkShopMunk boosts foot-traffic in retail stores by giving users real-world rewards and bonus points forentering and exploring venues. With ShopMunk, we serve the process of shopping rather than theprocess of buying. Therefore, we influence shoppers by stimulating them to explore and interact withbrands, rather then making them purchase at a lower price. We achieve this through gamification, aprocess of stimulating people to be actively involved in brand interaction. We deliver to our users acombination of universal bonus points system, virtual- and real-world rewards.CarsCupCarsCup is the first social game built for men. You can finally upgrade the virtual version of your real lifecar, improve it and participate in races around the world. Even more, you will be able to join car clubstogether with your friends and become the best racing pilot in the world.The team has a strong social gaming background (they built/cofounded, car communitybackground (cofounding the first Romanian community of Alfa Romeo owners) and strong UI and LeanDevelopment experience.    |    
  2. 2. brings the offline referral programs in the online era. We offer a platform where employees caneasily refer any of his friends from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and we help him in the referral processby offering great suggestions. Together with our new endorsement feature we offer recruiters thepossibility to reach the best candidates.TraderionTraderion is a virtual reality game simulating the international interbank markets through an authentictrading engine. The project started offline over a business summer school in Sibiu, 2011, organized byone of the founders and received a great feedback from the participants. Later that year, an improvedversion of the game was successfully organized for students in ASE. Encouraged by the participantswish to continue playing, the founders decided to create an online version of the game. That’s howTraderion was born.Flobe!tSocial Strategist and imaginator, Giovanni Giro, has created the first social platform that fosters feelings,not posts news. Flobe!t is a visual social engagement app enabling users to foster feelings – withanyone, anywhere, by uploading emotions, not just pictures, and receiving an affirmation in heartbeat(360 seconds). This is the key element to making Flobe!t unique. It delivers immediately withimmediacy. Flobe!t gives people exactly what they are searching for today–a reaffirmation of theirhumanity.2 ParaleAffiliate network – a marketplace for performance marketing – we track traffic and sales between onlineshops and publishers. Today 2Parale is a proud member of Leo Burnett Romania Group, having aportfolio of more than 230 advertisers and 14.000 affiliates.KeenSkimKeenSkim helps people to learn more by reading less – it fixes Information Overload by creatingautomatic summaries for news & web articles. KeenSkim is a disruptive Web product that aims to solvethe Information Overload problem. It does this by creating summaries for online news & webarticles. It’s simple & concise. Works fully automatic with 1-button click. It’s most beneficial for heavyinformation consumers (decision-makers & innovators) but is something that can be used by anyoneonline (everybody is an information consumer).EntrioEntrio is the simplest, social online platform for selling tickets, with rich event promotion and integrationoptions and great UX for customers. Entrio enables event organizers, such as festivals, concerts,seminars, conferences to start online ticket sales in a matter of minutes. Entrio provides uniqueFacebook shop app, mobile web and other integration options to ensure ultimate web visibility to theorganizer. Discount codes, real‐time control and monitoring and our new Check‐ in app are some ofthe great Entrio tools which provide significant time and money savings. On the other hand, we do ourbest to ensure seamless, frictionless and fun ticket purchase process for the visitors.SimplioLabs    |    
  3. 3.  Simplio Labs, Inc., based in Florida, USA, is a web development company that in short time managedto penetrate the US market. Synappsio is a set of development tools to create online shops as nativeapplications for iPhone and iPad using web interface (to manage the store) and a markup language(SYNML). Using only an iPad and minimal knowledge of XML, developers can create custom onlinestore, with integrated payment methods very quickly.CashCowThis is the first Romanian cashback website. When a customer makes a transaction online, instead ofvisiting the retailer directly, he may choose to follow a link from a website to generate amonetary reward for products or services he purchases.TribegardenTribeGarden will help you to choose and buy the perfect gift, alone or with friends. Our solution finds thegifts that will be most appropriate for him or her and the occasion they are for. It does this by crawlingyour friend’s social stream and then based on data mining and machine learning algorithms itdetermines suggestions. When your friend’s birthday approaches, you will be notified and givensuggestions about possible gifts. Then you can start funding one of these ideas. Funding is not a one-man thing, others will contribute as well. We will encourage this by suggesting people that will be morelikely to contribute.GlittioGlittio name comes from English verb “to glitter” that means “to shine”. wants to shine both infashion, but in e-commerce field also. is a fashion online store, launched in November 2011.The founding members are two young and enthusiastic persons, with more than 15 years of experiencein different business fields.    |