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Nick Kask is a brand manager and graphic designer, but he’s been taking photos longer than either. Now, with an iPhone in hand, satisfying photography is even more accessible. Using simple apps, Nick creates interesting and styled imagery, uploading them immediately to a tumblr gallery capture the moment. In this talk, Nick will go through basic ideas and the apps that work best to bring iPhone photos to life.

From the October 2010 Refresh Columbia Meetup: refreshcolumbia.org/​meetings/​october-2010-meetup/​

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iPhone Photography - Nick Kask

  1. 1. iPhone Photography Simple. Quick. Awesome.
  2. 2. Straight-up Shooting Untouched Beautiful Photos
  3. 3. The iPhone catches sky shots wonderfully. This isn’t touched up. At all.
  4. 4. Super dramatic shots are easy. Have your photos tell a story.
  5. 5. Great for action shots. If you call making cookies “action.” Great use for blogs, especially how-to’s.
  6. 6. Shifting thatTilt My favorite way to use an iPhone.
  7. 7. UseTiltShift Generator to make your photos more interesting. TiltShift Generator Saturation & Vignette
  8. 8. Even a beverage can look artistic. TiltShift Generator Vignette, Saturation, No Blur
  9. 9. I like high contrast.A lot. TiltShift Generator High Contrast
  10. 10. Super saturation makes nature ‘amazinger.’ TiltShift Generator High Saturation
  11. 11. Bump up contrast on B&W image to really pop. TiltShift Generator High Contrast, Desaturated
  12. 12. A little before... How Did We Get Here?
  13. 13. ... and after. How Did We Get Here?
  14. 14. Other Apps Or, Let’s Use Toy Cameras.
  15. 15. App-specific editing can be fun. Pinhole Cam
  16. 16. Double exposing can be rewarding. Pinhole Cam
  17. 17. Ridiculously nice photos without any work! Pinhole Cam
  18. 18. ‘Toy camera’ apps give you great nostalgic photos. Hipstamatic
  19. 19. It’s like it’s the 70s again. Hipstamatic
  20. 20. Great variation... Lo-mob
  21. 21. On the same photo... Lo-mob
  22. 22. With one app. Lo-mob
  23. 23. Original
  24. 24. Original
  25. 25. Original
  26. 26. Original
  27. 27. Original
  28. 28. Where do you go from here? It’s simple, really.
  29. 29. Facebook Tumblr Flickr Twitter Wordpress Blogger Share!
  30. 30. Thanks! Now go iPhonePhoto!
  31. 31. http://nicholaus.tumblr.com Nick Kask
  32. 32. http://desmal.tumblr.com/ Desmal Purcell, a real photographer.