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Digital Dental Exchange with Chris Jordan and Justin Bezanson


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The Digital Dental Exchange (DDX) is a network connecting dental labs and dental practices, and all sorts of dental technologies in between. Crowns, dentures, 3D scanners and printers, DDX is the fabric of twenty-first century dentistry.

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Digital Dental Exchange with Chris Jordan and Justin Bezanson

  1. 1. What is DDX?An open network designed to power digital dentistry
  2. 2. Why an open network mattersDigital industries standardize on a communication network for userconvenience and mainstream adoption.
  3. 3. Core DDX Functionality• Digital Rx• Integrated file transfer & storage• Electronic case notes• E-billing• Integrated payment processing• Case log and electronic alerts• User access controls• Integration with practice management software
  4. 4. Why it Matters to the Practice• Eliminates duplicate data entry of case details across multiple technologies• Provides a complete view of case details, regardless of the technologies used, from a single source
  5. 5. Why it Matters to the Lab• Provides a standardize prescription structure• Provides for the seamless communication between the dental lab and the dentist• Reduces follow up communication• Enables superior case scheduling that reduces technician overtime• Integrates with the lab’s existing lab management software• Creates new sales and marketing opportunities
  6. 6. Technology PartnersSoftware Product TypeDentrix D4D / Sky CAD/CAMEasy Dental Sirona CEREC CAD/CAMDentrix Enterprise 3Shape – Model 3D ScanningDentalVisionDentalVision Enterprise 3Shape - IOC Intra Oral CameraEndoVision Dental Wings 3D ScanningPerioVisionLabnetDL-Plus (Jenmar)Evolution (ABS)Labtrac (Inventrix)
  7. 7. DDXDevelopment process
  8. 8. Development Process
  9. 9. Development Process 9
  10. 10. Development Process 10
  11. 11. Development Process 11
  12. 12. DDX System Architecture 12
  13. 13. DDX System Architecture 13
  14. 14. Application Architecture 14
  15. 15. DDX Server technologies 15
  16. 16. DDX Framework technologies 16
  17. 17. DDX Development tools technologies 17
  18. 18. Other technologies used by DDX 18