TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 44


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Retrouvez chaque semaine notre sélection des meilleures campagnes publicitaires ainsi que les temps fort du blog Reflet Communication.

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TGIF - 2012 - Semaine 44

  1. 1. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationThank God It’s Friday«This ones been a beach»#02112012REFLET COMMUNICATION*TGIF :)
  2. 2. TGIF#News
  3. 3. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationSandy, how could you!?REFLET COMMUNICATION#NewsVIDEO: SandyTL Time-Lapse of Sandy Hitting NYCSo many people are without electricity and lost their homes..PHOTOS: The Atlantic posts Photos of Hurrican Sandy’s Aftermath. Some ofthese are really intense, especially #16. click here!
  4. 4. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationGoogle has created a special map to track Hurricane SandyREFLET COMMUNICATION#NewsSandy Googlized!Googles Crisis Response team has created a special interactive map to track Hurricane Sandy. The map included information on the hurricanescurrent and predicted path, the locations of Red Cross emergency shelters in the U.S, cloud cover and radar imagery, even YouTube videos andwebcams tagged by location... Great job Google, you are always there when we need you!Click and see itby yourself
  5. 5. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:Donotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorization4 days til Election day!REFLET COMMUNICATION#NewsGum ElectionWho sucks the most?!The last debate - AMERICA SPEAKS ITS MINDSince what everyone wants at this point is another debate... People madeit happen online, 100% Uncensored! Check this outClick to see more!
  6. 6. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationDisney to acquire LucasfilmREFLET COMMUNICATION#IAM Your FatherNow that Darth Vader is part of the Disney Family, find outwhere hes going next.
  7. 7. TGIF#Digital
  8. 8. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationMetrics, Not Myths... Bullsh*t detector :)#AdobeREFLET COMMUNICATIONYou must check this out... and enjoy!Metrics, not myths : BS Detector Metrics, not myths : Slap
  9. 9. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationCorporate Guy promoting .me#Corporate.meREFLET COMMUNICATIONPour promouvoir les noms de domaine en .me, RadioFace lance un spot TV mettant en scène un homme un peu tropcorporate dans sa vie privée...Désopilant !
  10. 10. TGIF#Mobile
  11. 11. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationHello !REFLET COMMUNICATION#Mobile AT&TUn bon exemple de l’influence d’Internet sur la publicité ! L’entreprise de téléphonie américaine AT&T lance une campagne publicitaire baséesur une vidéo virale YouTube.See the original See the ad campaign
  12. 12. TGIF#Print
  13. 13. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationHow to best promote the use of condoms? That is what Sir Richard’s Condom Companybased in the USA is doing... To be continued on November 13th on birthcontrolday.comHappy Birth Control DayREFLET COMMUNICATION#Sir Richard’s Condom Company
  14. 14. TGIF#CoupDeCoeur
  15. 15. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationAre you afraid of the dark?#WeloveitREFLET COMMUNICATION
  16. 16. TGIF#Keep-in-mind
  17. 17. RefletCommunicationStrictlyconfidential:DonotdistributeorreproducewithoutauthorizationREFLET COMMUNICATIONLife is a long, weary journey. Not if youbegin each mile with an "S" :)
  18. 18. Thank you!Have fun this weeeeekend!Reflet CommunicationAgence Digitale
  19. 19. Reflet Digital NetworkNEW-YORK - LONDON - MOSCOWMUMBAI - SINGAPORE - HONG KONG - BEIJINGBELFORT49 faubourg de France90000 BELFORTTel : +33 (0)3 84 22 60 39NANCY38 rue St Jean54000 NANCYTel : +33 (0)3 83 30 91 40STRASBOURG2, rue Edison67450 mundolsheimTel : +33 (0)3 83 85 00 14farewell... Until the next time!