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Mobile design myths (at Frontend Conference Zürich, 2014)

  1. FRONTEND CONFERENCE ZÜRICH, 2014 HMEobYi!le design myths
  2. This will be an awesome talk
  3. MYTH #1 OS features work well as-is
  4. Explain
  5. Explain Time
  6. MYTH #2 Mobile users are distracted
  7. MUADD
  8. 75% Source: 11Mark
  9. Mobile Eat Chat Eat Talk Text Come on!
  10. At home or work 77% 68% of mobile searches of mobile usage (excluding email, text, voice) Source: Google Source: AOL, BBDO
  11. Needs, context Tool
  12. MYTH #3 Less UI works better
  13. MYTH #4 Mobile apps shouldn’t go deep
  14. Tool time Goal time Read more at UIE
  15. Source: Daniel Cook
  16. Yo index Hashtags URL links …
  17. Also, Please allow the ability to create a COPY of a sheets file […] I seriously need this function!!! A Google Sheets reviewer “
  18. 9 different filters
  19. 27 items in the menu
  20. 32 items in the menu
  21. 54% Source: Exacttarget
  22. MYTH #5 MVP for an app has to be an app
  23. What you want to build eventually What your users want now
  24. CAVEATS Viable vs desirable WYDIWYG
  25. MYTH #6 Testing mobile apps is difficult
  26. Read more about the guerrilla test
  27. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY Vitamin C helps you fight cold
  28. Merci vielmal! Questions?
  29. @goczazoltan