Class IV Green plants


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CBSE Class IV Green plants ,

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Class IV Green plants

  1. 1. The Green Plants
  2. 2. Leaf  Leaves appear green due to the presence of chlorophyll.  Parts of a leaf  The flat part of the leaf is called Leaf Blade  Each leaf has one main vein and many side veins  The veins help in transportation of substances like water, minerals and prepared food to-and-from the leaf.  The lower surface of the leaf has stomata which helps a plant to breathe. Parts of a leaf
  3. 3. Functions of a leaf  The green leaves of a plant manufacture food. So it is known as the food factory of a plant.  Leaf helps the plant to breathe through the holes called stomata.  Trees on mountain have needle like leaves to prevent water loss.
  4. 4. Leaves - Photosynthesis  The process by which leaves make their own food is called Photosynthesis.  Photo means ‘light’, synthesis means ‘to put together’.  Green Plants make their own food with help of chlorophyll present in leaves  Sunlight + Water + carbon dioxide are used .  Oxygen is given out in this process. Water is absorbed by the roots and carried by the stem to the leaves When light falls on the leaves, it is absorbed by chlorophyll Carbon dioxide is taken in through stomata
  5. 5. Leaves - Photosynthesis • The food prepared by process of photosynthesis is called sugar • Stems and branches of the plant take the prepared food from the leaves to other parts of the plants. • Extra food is stored as starch in roots, stems, leaves ,fruits and in flowers.
  6. 6. Interdependence of Plants and Animals  Green plants are the food producers . Animals depend on these plants for food.  Plants give out oxygen, which is needed by animals to breathe. Animals in return give out carbon-di-oxide which is needed by plants to produce food.
  7. 7. Food Chain  A chain exists in nature for obtaining food.  A chain that shows a series of organisms where each member depends on the lower member in the series for food is called a food chain.  The interdependence of plants and animals in a food chain helps to maintain a balance between the number of plants and animals.