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Tool for hvac


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Barcode Tracking Systems

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Tool for hvac

  1. 1. Dynamic Systems15331 NE 90th StreetRedmond, WA 98052Rob Freemanlobf@click2barcode.comPhone: 425-284-1652Fax: 425-861-3976www.click2barcode.comTool / Equipment Tracking + Maintenance SchedulerAffordable and EffectiveBusinesses of all sizes are searching for new automated methods to saveresources and money. CheckMate Toolroom is an affordable and effectivemanagement solution for tool and equipment tracking, using barcode technology.Track Who, Where, WhenToolroom tracks Who took the tool, Where it is now and When it is due back.The payback for the system implementation is often just a few months, making itvery affordable for any size company.Key benefits:- Locate critical tools- Reduce shrinkage/missing tools- Eliminate hoarding of valuable tools- Schedule calibration dates & maintenance- Track broken equipment with maintenance module- Save labor hours- Reduce employee frustration- Easily transfer tools & equipment between sites- Field tested, rugged scanners- Consumable module tracks parts used on the job- Fast payback- Maintain an audit trail of all activities.Stockroom For Inventory TrackingReplace the tedious process of tracking and counting inventory with a barcodesystem. CheckMate Stockroom Software is an automated inventory systemdesigned to speed up the time to count and improve the accuracy of yourinventory. It’s low cost, easy to use and highly featured. CheckMate records thedetails of each transaction—date, item, quantity, and more.BASICSPerform all common data collection processes:
  2. 2. ISSUE (to Work Order, Customer PO) RECEIVE, RELOCATE, PHYSICALCOUNT… just by SCANNING a bar code. Data is accurate… no keying errors,no unreadable handwriting.CROSS REFERENCE- Maintains a cross reference between different part numbers. Items come fromthe manufacturer with bar code labels, such as UPC, but not your part numbers.Cross referencing lets you use those bar code labels. Inquire about a part byyour own part number, the UPC code, or the item description.LOCATION- Allocates inventory to locations, such as shelf or bin. An item may be relocatedand the new location recorded.- Relocate function makes it easy to capture with the bar code reader the currentstorage location of every item. No more hunting—you can know accurately whereeverything is when you need it.- Can handle multiple locations for the same item.PHYSICAL COUNTTaking PHYSICAL INVENTORY used to be an annual nightmare. But with thebar code reader, it is reduced to a quick easy, and accurate task.CheckMate provides for either FULL INVENTORY COUNT or a CYCLE COUNT.SERIAL NUMBERCheckMate can track items by serial number. Capture a serial number onreceipt. Record it when you issue. CheckMate can even assign serial numbersand print them on the bar code labels.Serializing is so easy that it can be applied to items of relatively low value, givingyou an even greater degree of accuracy in tracking.REORDERCheckMate tracks two warning levels. Reorder level means time to order more.Critical level means time to panic. For a group of interchangeable parts fromdifferent vendors, a group total reorder level can be assigned.CheckMate tracks quantity on order, and takes it into account for reorder but notfor critical.REPORTSSTOCK LIST Stock selected by range of stock numbers, sorted by stocknumber, alias, or description.REORDER Reorder report listing items below reorder level, sorted by vendor.CRITICAL Critical reorder report listing items below critical level, sorted byvendor.COUNTED INVENTORY List of observed quantities, all or discrepancies only.PHYSICAL INVENTORY Quantity and location of stock, selected by range ofstock numbers, sorted by stock number and receive date or by location.ACTIVITY HISTORY Audit trail selected by date range, stock number, ordernumber, serial number, and activity type.TICKLER Stock selected by user-defined date.STATISTICS Number of issues, receivings, moves and counts sorted by daterange.DATABASE
  3. 3. Upload to/from any ODBC database (Access, Excel, SQL).JobTrak For ContractorsAffordable and EffectiveCheckMate JobTrak is an affordable and effective management solution fortracking work orders, employee labor, and allocating hours and parts againstspecific workorders.Track Where, Who, WhatJobTrak tells you Where in the production process a specific workorder is, Whohas worked on the job and for how long, and What parts have been used againstthe job, including any scrap.Time and AttendanceTracks multiple shifts and transmits data to payroll.WHY CHECKMATE?• Determine workorder status quickly.• Identify bottlenecks.• Evaluate efficiency of employees and departments.• Record parts against a workorders.• Track scrap against workorders and/or departments.• Maintain an audit trail.• Employee Time Clockcapability included.FEATURESCheck Job In/Out of department or taskIdentify employee hours on a jobCost labor and parts against jobsTime Clock Function handles 3 shiftsAccounts for vacation and sick leavePayroll audit Trail with exception reportsBadge ControlExtensive Queries and ReportsJOBTRAK INCLUDESWORK IN PROCESSJOB COSTINGTIME & ATTENDANCE