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Simba overview


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Barcode Tracking Systems

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Simba overview

  1. 1. Production & Inventory ManagementTraceabilityShipping Verification
  2. 2. •Rapid Printing of Compliance Labels•Accurate Production and Inventory Records•Complete Traceability•Increased Productivity•Eliminated Disputes – Shipment Verification•Management Reports & Custom Views•Proven Results since 1988Why SIMBA?
  3. 3. SIMBA Architecture
  4. 4. SIMBA TouchscreenDesigned for Rapid Selection of Properties & Print
  5. 5. SIMBA OfficeAll details are stored for complete reporting and traceability
  6. 6. Many Reports &Flexible QueriesAutomated Manifests & Bills of Lading
  7. 7. Our Company• Founded in 1981• Barcode Systems Experts• 24x7 Help Desk• Software & Hardware Support