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-- Simba food & produce traceability


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-- Simba food & produce traceability

  1. 1. SIMBA Food Traceability Software Tracks More Than Lots and isPTI CompliantRedmond - WA – May 28, 2013 / Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond,Washington software developer specializing in barcode data collection hasannounced the release of SIMBA Lite 2013, which is designed to provide foodprocessors the ability to process, label and track their products from “field or dockto customer”. It adheres to current PTI Food Traceability requirements.Increase production speed and traceability The SIMBA (SpecializedInventory Management with Barcode Accuracy) system solves the problem ofhow to produce and track complete product labeling for fresh food on the fly.SIMBA Lite is designed for those companies that process in bulk (similar or sameproducts into constant weight cartons). The system allows a production lineworker to change content of product labels with a fingertip on the computer ortouch screen, capturing product information (weight, size, color, grade) andprinting a label with a barcode identifier for that tote or carton. The labelinformation is stored in the SIMBA Food Traceability System, which thenprovides production and inventory reports. The cartons may then beaccumulated onto a pallet, and tracked with a single pallet identifier. Thisintegrated system gives the user complete traceability of the product fromreceiving to shipping. The cartons or pallets can be stored and tracked bylocation within the warehouse, cooler or freezer. The Food Traceability Softwareis highly configurable for growers, packers, shippers, and distributors.15331 NE 90thSt. 425-216-1204Redmond, WA 98052 425-861-3976 (fax)
  2. 2. Van Loading At the time of shipping, the Van Loading feature of SIMBAtracks each carton or pallet onto a specific van. A Bill of Lading is then producedautomatically. This feature not only saves time in the shipping process, iteliminates disputes with the customer regarding what was actually shipped.Results Key results from implementing the SIMBA software includeincreased production speed; the ability to get same day, accurate productionreports; ability to fulfill traceability requirements; accurate inventory; professionallooking carton and pallet labels; and expedited van loading.See details at Rob Freeman,, Business Development Manager:800-342-3999 X 208; http://www.a-barode.combarcode, traceability, produce, PTI, safety, software15331 NE 90thSt. 425-216-1204Redmond, WA 98052 425-861-3976 (fax)
  3. 3. 15331 NE 90thSt. 425-216-1204Redmond, WA 98052 425-861-3976 (fax)