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Check mate jobdata presentation


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Check mate jobdata presentation

  1. 1. JobData Workorder Tracking & Job Costing FromRealize Rapid Return on Investment
  2. 2. Track Jobs in Manufacturing Increase Productivity & Profitability•Know where the jobs are on the production floor•Accurately account for labor hours against jobs•Accurately account for raw materials against jobs•Account for scrap•Identify unprofitable jobs•Report late jobs•Improve customer service with on-time jobs•Identify & eliminate bottlenecks
  3. 3. CheckMate Suite: JobData Workorder Status Management & Job Costing
  4. 4. CheckMate Suite: JobData Track by: Job Number Employee Task or Department (Time & Attendance Optional)
  5. 5. CheckMate Suite: JobData Know Where the Job Is: Employee Task or Department
  6. 6. CheckMate Suite: JobData Record Parts against the Job:
  7. 7. CheckMate Suite: JobData Record Labor Hours by Task against the Job:
  8. 8. CheckMate Suite: JobData Many Reports Available
  9. 9. Integrated Production Management The Production ProcessTrack Job to Department, Cost Parts & Record/Cost Labor Task, Employee Scrap to Job Hours to Job
  10. 10. JobData +StockRoom +ToolRoom =The CheckMateProduction Management System
  11. 11. Production Management Software •Complete Inventory Management •Bill of Materials (BOM) •WorkOrder Tracking •Job Costing •Tool Management with Maintenance and Repair (MRO)
  12. 12. Purchase Modules Individually or as A Suite Rapid Deployment Easy to Use Fast ROI