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Resume of Refayet Amin

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Refayet Amin

  1. 1. Refayet Amin<br />Unique combination of:<br /><ul><li>Technical Expertise in Multi-disciplinary Engineering Fields
  2. 2. Managerial Experience in Design & Manufacturing
  3. 3. Sales, Marketing & Business Development
  4. 4. Exposure to Global Marketplace
  5. 5. Financial Management (Budget, P&L, Analysis)</li></li></ul><li>23+ years of Professional experience in Technical & Managerial fields<br />General Manager<br />2011<br />Vice President<br />2010<br />Sr. Project Engineer<br />2004<br />Electro-Mech<br />Syst. Engr.<br />2002<br />1998<br />Oper & Maint Engr. Sr.<br />1995<br />Oper & Maint Engr. Jr.<br />1987<br />1990<br />WallemShipmanagement Ltd.<br />Hong Kong<br />CI Shipping Ltd. London, UK<br />ESAB / L-TEC, Florence, SC<br />Cauffiel Technologies, Toledo, OH<br />
  6. 6. <ul><li>Multi-disciplinary Engineering Knowledge
  7. 7. Project Management for Manufacturing:
  8. 8. Concept to Production
  9. 9. Assembly, Fabrication
  10. 10. Programming, Start-up, Troubleshooting.
  11. 11. Marine Engineering
  12. 12. Mechanical
  13. 13. Electrical
  14. 14. Hydraulics
  15. 15. Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Automation & Controls System)
  16. 16. Machine Design with AutoCAD
  17. 17. Programming for PLC Ladder Logic Controls
  18. 18. HMI Software Development</li></li></ul><li>Industrial Design & Manufacturing experience:<br />Budgeting<br />Conceptual Design<br />Design for Manufacturing<br />Fabrication, Assembly & Manufacturing<br />Commissioning, Start-up, Troubleshooting<br />Type of Machines:<br /><ul><li>Steel Scarfing (with Oxy-fuel flame)
  19. 19. Rolling Mill
  20. 20. CRM, 2-Hi, 4-Hi, CZ-Mill
  21. 21. Leveler
  22. 22. Plate, Tension Leveler
  23. 23. Cut-to-Length Line
  24. 24. Coil-to-Coil
  25. 25. Slitter
  26. 26. Coil-to-Coil
  27. 27. Push-Pull Pickling Line </li></ul>Heavy Industrial Machinery for:<br /><ul><li>Steel (Carbon, Stainless, HSLA etc.)
  28. 28. Aluminum & Alloys
  29. 29. Copper & Bronze
  30. 30. Tantalum
  31. 31. Titanium
  32. 32. And all other metals.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Engineering & Production Management
  33. 33. Team Design works
  34. 34. Assembly & Fabrication Floor
  35. 35. Project Management
  36. 36. Start-up, Commissioning, Field-Service Engineering
  37. 37. Customer Relation –
  38. 38. Project Coordinator
  39. 39. Documentation</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Business & Finance Management
  40. 40. Budgeting for manufacturing & production
  41. 41. P&L Analysis, Key Performance Factors Monitoring
  42. 42. Supply Chain Management
  43. 43. Business Development
  44. 44. Team Leadership & Management in Manufacturing
  45. 45. Managed team of Engineers and Technicians</li></ul>As General Manager:<br />15 Engineers & 65 Technicians (millwrights, electricians)<br />As Sr. Project Engineer:<br />8 Engineers & 20 Technicians (millwrights, electricians)<br /><ul><li>Always worked in a High-Caliber Team of Technical Personnel
  46. 46. Marine Engineering
  47. 47. Heavy-duty Cap-Ex Machine Manufacturing environment ($1/2 million to $30 million machinery)</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Represented OEM in Global Marketplace
  48. 48. Technical Sales Presentation
  49. 49. Business Negotiation
  50. 50. Sales Contract & Letter of Credit
  51. 51. Assistance in Capital Investment
  52. 52. Aluminum Rolling Mill Plant
  53. 53. Continuous Caster
  54. 54. CRM
  55. 55. Annealing Furnace
  56. 56. Tension Leveling & Inspection
  57. 57. Color Coating
  58. 58. Push Pull Pickle Plant
  59. 59. Business Plan
  60. 60. Land Selection, Building & Construction
  61. 61. Machine Installation & Commissioning
  62. 62. Start-up & Production
  63. 63. Sales & Marketing</li></li></ul><li>Executive ManagementInternational Technical SalesBusiness Negotiation in global Marketplace<br />
  64. 64. Skills:<br />Technical Ability as Electro-Mechanical Engineers (multi-disciplinary)<br />Concept to Manufacturing Design,<br />Engineering Calculations<br />Drawings & Drafting<br />Programming (PLC, Industrial Controls System, HMI) <br />Troubleshooting, Start-up & Commissioning, Field-Service Engineering <br />Computer: Fluent (Engineering Software, CAD, MS Office etc.)<br />Communications: Writing, verbal, PowerPoint presentation, speaking & negotiation<br />Management: Manufacturing management, Business & Finance management<br />Technical Sales & Business negotiation<br />People Skills: easy to get along<br />Adaptability: New career, job responsibility, new country, culture and environment.<br />Reflections of all the above skills are demonstrated when:<br />Started career as Marine Engineer at sea, but adapted to manufacturing engineering and production management very quickly.<br />Excelled in the workplaces and got promoted with the responsibility of Project Management<br />Within few years, improved skills for Technical Sales<br />Promoted to Vice President with Technical Sales responsibilities for Machineries used in Steel & Metals Industry – domestic & international market<br />Business Development & Financial Management (P&L, Key Performance Parameters)<br />Managed and supervised engineers and technicians for manufacturing and production.<br />Team leader + Team member.<br />
  65. 65. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:<br />ESAB / L-TEC,Florence, SC<br />Dec ’10 – 2011: General Manager – SIP (Steel Industry Products)<br />Cauffiel Technologies,Toledo, OH<br />Mar ’04 – Jul ‘10: Vice President – Technical Sales (domestic & international)<br /> Jan ’02 – Mar ‘04: Sr. Project Engineer – Manufacturing Project Management <br /> Oct ’98 – Jan ‘02: Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineer – Design Engineer<br />Wallem Ship Management,Hong Kong<br />Jul ’90 – Jun ‘95: Sr. Operation & Maintenance Engineer<br />CI Shipping Ltd.London, UK<br />Nov ’87 – Jun ‘90: Jr. Operation & Maintenance Engineer<br />
  66. 66. ACHIEVEMENTS:<br />Completely reorganized/restructured a division in a multi-national company by streamlining its operation for optimum efficiency and improving bottom-line. Annual revenue of $20 - $30 million.<br />Due to excellent performance, got promoted from Junior Design Engineer position to Senior Project Engineer and then further to Vice President of a machine-manufacturing company. <br />Successfully presented Technical Sales as OEM and negotiated with Domestic and International clients, for multi-million dollars machinery sales.<br />Responsible for starting up a US $7million Foreign Investment Plan for Steel Processing Plant. <br />Researched and developed a Laser based online flatness and thickness measurement system that interface with custom HMI with the end result of improved machine/process efficiency and increased sales.<br />Developed and implemented a precise digital positioning system for hydraulic screw down rolling mill with improved performance and accuracy giving advantages over competitors’ machine.<br />Developed a proprietary algorithm for complex roll recipe movement, saving money spent on software.<br />
  67. 67. RESPONSIBILITIES:<br />General Manager<br />Responsible for overall management, direction and coordination of all manufacturing & distribution functions. Annual revenue of $20-$30million<br />Developed and implemented Strategic Planning for the division for efficient SCM and utilization of resources. Performed cost-analysis, product quality review, with implementation of efficient inventory control programs.<br />Managed plant assets and personnel to meet production goals ensuring effective EH&S policies to achieve profitability.<br />Managed department financials, cost controls, budget and expenditure with responsibility of P&L.<br />Analyzed Financial Statements for performance indicators and matrices for budget management, cost reduction.<br />Project Management: managed team of technical people: 12 engineers, 5 supervisors and 25 technicians.<br />Maintained liaison with corporate and global management; and HR.<br />Vice President<br />Negotiated with international/domestic clients for machinery sales, payment terms, L/C and terms-conditions.<br />Conducted successful sales meetings at home and abroad for multi-million dollars projects.<br />Researched on market study in the EU, Near and Middle-East for Foreign Investment.<br />Overall Project In-Charge of the investment in Steel Pickle Plant (land selection & procurement, building construction, licenses and permits, financial aspects, machine building and installation and commissioning and start-up with production and sales-marketing).<br />Senior Project Engineer <br />Involved in technical sales, planning, concept-to-design, then manufacturing & production, and finally commissioning.<br />Responsible for organizing and managing multifaceted activities for development and implementation of engineering projects for OEM.<br />Managed technical and budgetary aspects of multiple machine-building projects simultaneously.<br />Co-ordinated among different departments to efficiently complete multi-million dollars projects.<br />Supervised engineers and technicians for successful completion of the projects in a timely manner.<br />Invited and selected quotation for the projects including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic.<br />Reduced project cost significantly through better inter-departmental communication and clear objective.<br />Supervised start-up procedure for trouble shooting by debugging and modifications of software and hardware.<br />Trained engineers and operators at the customers’ facilities for proper operation of the machinery and OITs.<br />Prepared complete documentation (user’s manual) for the projects to be provided as customer’s copy.<br />Provided after-sales service and support to customer, in upgrade, modification or troubleshooting.<br />
  68. 68. RESPONSIBILITIES (Contd.):<br />Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineer<br />Designed Electro-mechanical systems for customized automated machinery, Rolling mill, Cut-to-length line, Press-feed line, Slitting line, Leveller, etc.<br />Designed and developed schematics for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuitry using AutoCAD.<br />Developed PLC ladder logic and motion control, AC/DC drive systems, servo-control programs for the projects with A-B SLC500 (RSLogix500, APS) GE Fanuc 90-30 (CimplicityME, VersaPro, LM90).<br />Developed HMI software interfaces for the projects with A-B PanelView, Wonderware, ICONICS, CTC Interact, Crimson and Maple Systems. Designed and developed communication network for PLC and OIT.<br />Field Engineering during start-up procedure by debugging and modifications of software and hardware.<br />Operation and Maintenance Engineer Sr. <br />Supervised engineers and technicians involved in operation and maintenance of machinery.<br />Maintained communications between different departments and the head-office.<br />Developed and executed a program for Planned and Preventive Maintenance, resulting in fewer breakdown of machinery, and greatly reduced overhead cost.<br />Operation and Maintenance Engineer Jr.<br />Operated and maintained machinery of the project (propulsion & power generation plants).<br />Responsible for trouble shooting of various machinery of the plant.<br />
  69. 69. EDUCATION:<br /> 1998 Master of Engineering (Mechanical)<br /> Industrial Automation and Controls System<br /> Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.<br /> 1987 Marine Engineer<br /> Marine Academy, Chittagong, Bangladesh.<br />SALES TRAINING:<br />“The Sales Advantages”<br /> by Dale Carnegie Associates & Inc.<br />ADDITIONAL COURSES:<br />WonderwareInTouch Foundation and Advanced Training, Cleveland.<br />ICONICS Genesis32 Training, Cleveland.<br />AutoCAD and 3D Modelling (wireframe, solid and surface model), Montreal.<br />Instrumentation & Control System, UK.<br />Machine Drawing & Design, UK.<br />Applications of Microprocessors in Business, UK.<br />Electrical Maintenance, UK.<br />US Citizen<br />References available upon request<br />