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Heretics Guide to Global Finance - Brett Scott, Refactor Camp 2018


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Talk given at Refactor Camp, May 2018

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Heretics Guide to Global Finance - Brett Scott, Refactor Camp 2018

  1. 1. @suitpossum
  2. 2. ‘The State’ ‘The Market’ ‘Society’ ‘The Internet’
  3. 3. The Internet + The Positive Market: Libertarian Cyber-Utopianism
  4. 4. The Internet + The Negative State: Cypherpunks & Cryptoanarchists
  5. 5. The Internet + The Positive Market – The Negative State: Conservative Libertarian Cyber-Utopianism
  6. 6. Strand 1: The Decentralization Fetish
  7. 7. A means for a network of strangers to keep track of their positions relative to each other, without a (clearly identifiable) central intermediary
  8. 8. What does decentralisation actually mean?
  9. 9. Decentralisation: Atoms vs. molecules Network Individualism vs. Federated Network Solidarity
  10. 10. Strand 2: The Immutability Fetish
  11. 11. ‘Judiciary’ and arbitration? ‘Mathematical law’ thought impossible to break + very few initial processes for resolving disputes, or no processes
  12. 12. Hard-coded protocol maintained by an (uncoordinated) executive, combined with a lack of clear legislation processes results in the primary political option for users being ‘exit’: If you don’t like it you can leave
  13. 13. Strand 3: The Commodity Money Fetish: Cyberlibertarianism meets Austrian Economics
  14. 14. Theories of Money • Money produced prior to the trade • It is transferred, but never destroyed (perpetual) • Imagined as a ‘thing’ or ‘object’ with ‘stored value’ that moves around • The concept of the value-for-value trade – essentially a kind of ‘barter’
  15. 15. The Internet – The Negative Market – The Negative State: Left-Wing Anarchist Blockchain
  16. 16. Post-Capitalist Blockchain
  17. 17. @suitpossum