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Rule 8 free throw


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Rule 8 free throw

  1. 1. RuleRule 88 Free ThrowFree Throw
  2. 2. FREE-THROW ADMINISTRATION ART. 1 …….the ball shall be placed at the “disposal of“disposal of the free thrower”the free thrower” (bounced) by the administering Official ……..the free throw countfree throw count shall begin(10 seconds)
  3. 3. ART. 2 . . . Following a time-out or intermission, the resumption-of play procedureresumption-of play procedure may be used to prevent delay. ………official will sound the whistlesound the whistle to indicate play will resume ………the ball shall be ……….placed on the floorplaced on the floor and the count shall beginand the count shall begin.
  4. 4. ART. 2 . . . ……..Following a violationFollowing a violation by one or both teams, if the offending team(s) continues to delay, a technical foul shall be ruledtechnical foul shall be ruled.
  5. 5. ART. 4 . . . During a free throw, lane spaces may be occupied as follows: a. Marked lane spaces may be occupied by a maximum of four defensive and two offensive playersfour defensive and two offensive players.
  6. 6. b. The lane areas from the end line up to, and including, the neutral-zone marksthe neutral-zone marks, shall remain vacantvacant.
  7. 7. c. The first marked lane spacesfirst marked lane spaces on each side of the lane, above the neutral zone marks, shall be occupied by opponentsopponents of the free thrower.
  8. 8. d. The second marked lane spacessecond marked lane spaces on each side may be occupied by teammatesoccupied by teammates of the free thrower.
  9. 9. e. The third marked lane spacesthird marked lane spaces on each side, nearest the free thrower, may be occupied by the opponentsopponents of the free thrower.
  10. 10. ART. 5 . . . Any player…… who does not occupy a marked lane space must be behind the free-must be behind the free- throw line extendedthrow line extended and behind the three-behind the three- point linepoint line.
  13. 13. Who Shoots What?Who Shoots What? • ….. a free throw(s) awarded because of a personalpersonal foulfoul shall be attemptedattempted by the offended player. • …. if a player must withdraw because of an injuryinjury or disqualification, his/her substitute shall attemptsubstitute shall attempt the throw(s)
  14. 14. ATTEMPTING TECHNICAL-FOUL FREE THROWS • The free throws awarded because of a technical foul may be attempted by any player of the offended teamattempted by any player of the offended team, including an eligible substitute or designated starter. • The coach or captain shall designatecoach or captain shall designate the free thrower(s)
  15. 15. After a Technical Foul …… • the ball will be placed at the disposal to any player of the free-thrower’s team from out of bounds at the division line • the throw – in will be on the side opposite of the scorer’s and timer’s table Throw-In Here
  16. 16. After an Intentional / Flagrant Foul…. • the ball will be placed at the disposal to any player of the free-thrower’s team from out of bounds at the spot nearest the foulspot nearest the foul OR Throw-In Here Throw-In Here
  17. 17. Multiple Fouls • ART. 2 . . . If there is a multiple free throws and both a personal and technical foul…..the tries shall be attempted in the order in whichthe order in which the related fouls occurredthe related fouls occurred