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Help me out here


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Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Help me out here

  1. 1. HELP ME OUT HEREHELP ME OUT HERE Effectively Working With The Scorer’s Table
  2. 2. • Besides our partners, there are a couple of other alliesother allies in the gym – the official scorekeeperscorekeeper & the timertimer
  3. 3. Scorer & Timer – an important “cog” in the wheel • Should be treated as part of the “team”“team” • Have a lot to do with how smoothlysmoothly a game progresses
  4. 4.   • An ineffective scorekeeper or  timer can damage the credibility damage the credibility  of even the “best of crews”
  5. 5. So how can we help ensure that So how can we help ensure that  the table keeps the crew “out of the table keeps the crew “out of  the soup”?the soup”? • Maintain effective communication with  the table – talk with all all members of the  table (don’t forget the visitor scorekeeper) • Make them feel “part of the team”“part of the team”
  6. 6. Topics to be discussed with the  table prior to tip-off :   –Maintain eye contact – remind the table  that you will make eye contact with them to  ensure that they have the foul, penalty,  etc…..   –Encourage acknowledgement – Ask them to  acknowledge that they have all of the  information (a simple nodding of the head)
  7. 7. • Be discreet – If there is a discrepancy, it is important that officials and game staff be discreet about communicating it. • The issue should be dealt with face to face and quietly rather than discussing across the court.
  8. 8. • Don’t ever show up or argue with a member of the table. In rare cases, have the table member removed from the table and replaced.
  9. 9. • Don’t leave until they got it – Make sure that the table staff as all the information they need from you prior to breaking eye contact or leaving the table.
  10. 10. • Stress Impartiality – Remind them that they are part of the officiating crew and they MUST conduct themselves in an unbiased manner. • If you have a member of the table that is making too many mistakes, cheers for the home team, or is not paying attention you should speak to them discreetly.
  11. 11. • Treat them respect that you would expect to receive, but make it clear that things must change.
  12. 12. • From an official scorekeeper, “If an official will take just a second or two more time in reporting information, it can be the difference”