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Consumer centric in the digital age


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a guest presentation for ADMA digital marketing certificate course

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Consumer centric in the digital age

  1. 1. The big switch digitally powered consumer connections
  2. 2. Oh.. Hi there!
  3. 3. Todays topic What does it mean to beConsumer centric approach in the digital age?
  4. 4. Is this a Funny question?Consumer insight has always been at the core ofgood communications. but perhaps it’s The way weengage consumers that has changed.
  5. 5. Customer centric is the norm
  6. 6. Or is it? The Communications model has evolved Mass model Integrated model Collaborative modelBroadcast to many matching luggage Participation & interactivity More channels, more powered by live insights targeted
  7. 7. a collaborative model says:•  Attract vs Intercept – give consumers an incentive to seek you out•  Assist vs inhibit– be helpful and engaging, create value•  Affiliate vs isolate – connect consumers to allow them to help one another
  8. 8. Digital is the new poster child
  9. 9. With digital comes…•  Transformative technologies that empower consumers•  a whole world of data and fresh ways to view, interrogate and interact with consumers•  Most importantly it presents a whole suite of new insights about behaviours through which brands can connect with audiences
  10. 10. At naked we believe in…
  11. 11. It all starts with deep insights•  Who are we addressing?•  Where & when are the consumption moments?•  What alternatives are there?•  Why do people do this?
  12. 12. behaviour change at work
  13. 13. Our Digital lives make identifying insights easier constantly Technology Mobile sharing ourAlways On in devices thoughts everything online
  14. 14. Some implications for marketing•  Rise of brand community and social media {customer service to community product development}•  Growth in, and commitment to owned channels {online ecosystems to content development}•  rise in utilities and other value add services {Horizontal service extension to personalisation and premiumisation}
  15. 15. The challenge for brandsThere is increasingly a challengeto find ways to add value for the consumer through whatever brand experience you offer
  16. 16. Digital insights can helpSocial Video Mobile Panel owned
  17. 17. Social: Tools•  Social listening Also Google blog search Facebook/ads Topsy Twitterstats
  18. 18. Social listening: adidas Our insight: we knew that each month thousands of runners were sharing their runs in social media and via fitness services and apps like #runkeeper and #mapmyrun. Our strategy: was to tune in, to listen out for these tweets and respond back to runners with personal message of motivation
  19. 19. Video: toolsYoutube trends dashboard Also Youtube analytics Google trends (video)
  20. 20. Video: Oxy
  21. 21. Mobile: toolsourmobileplanet Also Nielsen technology report AIMIA AUSTRALIAN MOBILE PHONE LIFESTYLE INDEX
  22. 22. Mobile: renault THE insight: 76% of the core male target have got a smartphone in their pocket and are a captive audience at the f1 the strategy: develop a mobile game that emulated the experience of driving a renault rs megane – establish a leaderboard over the 3 days of the event
  23. 23. Consumer Panel: toolsConsumer barometer Also Nielsen answers Roy morgan
  24. 24. Consumer: car category THE insight: despite websites and search providing valuable inputs into the purchase decision– it’s the dealer / showroom visit that’s ultimately the most important influencer on decision implication: how can we develop online tactics that convert online research behaviours into dealer visits
  25. 25. Owned data: toolsGoogle analytics Also Hitwise Nielsen Omniture UX focus groups Facebook insights Youtube channel insights
  26. 26. Owned: carsales THE insight: more than 60% of people buying new cars on carsales are also selling a vehicle on the website Implication: data analysis revealed what types of vehicle people are trading in their old cars for – this means brands can target specifically those sellers and hit them much earlier on in the process
  27. 27. the big switch•  In the digital age we have the opportunity to finally market with customers instead of to them•  A shift away from telling consumers ‘what to think’ to inviting them to ‘participate’•  Insights are at the heart of all the best communications work•  digital marketers are the pointy end of all this because digital experiences naturally draw consumers into action
  28. 28. ThanksQUESTIONS?