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TrainingDoctor: introduction


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What is TrainingDoctor? New approach of consultancy for organisations. Description of the TrainingDoctor's Visit, and I invented it myself! Find us:

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TrainingDoctor: introduction

  1. 1. TrainingDoctor – professional, efficient and fun! +381 62 8 348 637
  2. 2. TrainingDoctors Visit: new aproach of consultancy for organisations• Short-term (means inexpensive) activity, quick way to get better• Gives an external view (=Training Doctor’s eye) for the WHOLE training event: training methods and materials, trainer’s performance, organisational aspects;• Suitable for ANY subject/ content of training;• Tailor-made solutions only, new ideas and inspiration
  3. 3. Description of the TrainingDoctors Visit• Planning & Preparing• Observing the training event, about: – Training methods, training aids, training materials – Trainer as a facilitator: handling tricky situations, questioning strategies etc – Organisational aspects: agenda/programme, breaks, feedback etc• On-site discussions: feedback and advice• Writting the Report: what was good/ to be improved/ advice/ new ideas
  4. 4. Actually, the participants like to think, to be creative...
  5. 5. Nobody is sleeping, all in action ...
  6. 6. Special offer: TrainingDoctor’s “Injection” – small version of TrainingDoctor’s Visit• Only 1-hour at your training event• Short monitoring, but covering all the aspects of training: – training methods, materials and visual aids, – trainer’s performance – organisational aspects• Written Report: what was good/to be improved/new ideas• All this only for 97 EUR/ 9700 dinars Valid until 31 March 2012 We work on weekends too
  7. 7. No more boring training in Serbia!