Health Insurance Plans Overview - AEGON Religare


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If you are not happy with your health insurance plan then check out AEGON Religare’s health cover details, benefit structure and more.

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Health Insurance Plans Overview - AEGON Religare

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Does your health insurance plans pay only part of the claim amount?Give you only guaranteed lump sum amount indifference of your hospital bill?Never increase your premiums, even if you claim for it?Allows you to increase your coverage amount?Allow you to renew your plan up to the age of 85?Covers your family member under one health policy? If your answer to all the above questions is “No” then on what criteria you pick best health insurance plan?
  3. 3. Do you make your decision with what your insurance agent promises you?Or by what they deliver you in return?If someday, you come across a better health plan that guarantees you everything that it promises without any hidden terms and conditions plus minimum paperwork.
  4. 4. Overview of AEGON Religare Health Insurance Plan
  5. 5. Key Benefits Receive a guaranteed fixed set of money, irrespective of your actual hospital bill. Receive a guaranteed set of amount in plus to the payment you would have received from other medical plans. Guaranteed health cover plan up to the age of 85. You can avail of the Cashless facility (no need to pay any money for the treatment) in more than 3,000 key hospitals across the country. Guaranteed fixed premium amount for 3 years. Advantage/Benefit rate increases by 10% for every no claim year (the maximum increase will be represented at 50%). You can always include additional members of your family (wife and children) and upgrade to higher plan of coverage at any time. You don’t require 24 hours of hospitalization for many surgeries.
  6. 6. How Does AEGON Religare Health Plan Work?
  7. 7.  When someone is getting hospitalized, the most important components are:-> Cost of the room-> Medicines-> Surgery-> Proper Nursing The AEGON Religare health insurance policy covers all the above required areas by assuring a fixed amount to cover each of the above factors despite of your actual hospital charges.
  8. 8. Number of People Covered Under The Plan
  9. 9. Under Plan 1 You(Proposer & Insured)Spouse Up to 3 dependent children Under Plan 2 You(Proposer)Father(Insured) Mother (Insured) Under Plan 3 You(Proposer)Brother(Insured) Sister(Insured)
  10. 10. Start Living Healthy Instantly
  11. 11.  Get an instant check on your diet and calorie intake for FREE. Check website>On the basis of your food habits, calculate your daily calorie intake.-> Check your health score card which gives an idea on whether your diet intake is right or wrong.-> On the basis of that, get an idea on ideal calorie value for you.-> Additional health recommendations for your diet.
  12. 12. Contact Details
  13. 13.  For more information on eligibility criteria and other health benefits: Call 1800 209 9090 SMS GUARANTEE to 56677 Centers spread across 118 cities in India.
  14. 14. Thank You