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The Character of Ham and Petersham


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A poster explaining why I like living in Ham and Petersham (part of Richmond upon Thames in the UK) which was prepared for a consultation meeting about the character of the area

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The Character of Ham and Petersham

  1. 1. HaPPI Ham and Petersham Planning Initiative THE CHARACTER OF HAM AND PETERSHAM, ONE RESIDENT’S VIEW These are the personal opinions of local resident Matthew Rees, author of the HamPhotos blog WILD AREAS Places that you can wander through and forget that you are in a city, places like Ham Common Woods and The Copse FOOTPATHS It is easy to move freely through most of the area because of the many paths and the gaps between buildings, some of which are hard to find VARIETY OF BUILDINGS No one style or scale of building dominates the area, old lodges and cottages sit comfortably alongside new buildings LANDSCAPED SPACES Developments from several periods have been carefully designed with spaces between the buildings and with corners left for trees and flowers