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Texas STaR Chart Findings


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Texas STaR Chart Findings

  1. 1. TEXAS Kaufman High School
  2. 2. Texas Campus STaR Chart A tool designed for use in technology planning, budgeting for resources, and evaluation of progress in local technology projects. Resource:
  3. 3. Topics for Discussion • Summary of Area Trends • Strengths / Weaknesses • Solutions to Reach Target Tech • Closing Statement
  4. 4. Summary of Area Trends
  5. 5. Current Educational Technology Profile • Areas of Strength: – Infrastructure for Technology – Leadership, Administration, & Instructional Support • Areas of Weakness: – Teaching & Learning – Educator Preparation & Development
  6. 6. Solutions to Reach Target Tech • Teaching & Learning – Provide teachers with more opportunity to act as facilitator, mentor, & co-learner • Mentorship between veteran & new teachers • Provide activities that promote collaboration between teachers & administrator
  7. 7. Solutions to Reach Target Tech • Educator Preparation – Provide more professional development for technology training • District technology department provides mini workshops on available technology
  8. 8. Solutions to Reach Target Tech • Administration & Support – Evaluate campus plan, district technology support, & campus technology support staff for overall effectiveness • Survey staff annually over district & campus educational technology strategies
  9. 9. Solutions to Reach Target Tech • Infrastructure – All rooms are equipped with appropriate technology • Grants, state & federal funding, & donations provide adequate technology for every student in all rooms
  10. 10. Closing Statement Kaufman High School has reached the Advanced Tech Level in all areas. Everyone involved must work collaboratively to achieve the Target Tech Level.