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3DCS - One Button Automated Reporting of Dimensional Analysis


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3DCS is a CAD based design optimization and simulation software available integrated in CATIA V5 and V6, as well as a stand alone CAD neutral version.

With one button automated reporting, the user can bring all of the results of the dimensional analysis into a linked, and organized report that includes your charts, graphs and tables.

This makes it easy to build, share and collaborate with your team, and to present your information to your management without spending days or weeks putting together all of your results.

Take a look for yourself. For a video walk through, visit

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3DCS - One Button Automated Reporting of Dimensional Analysis

  1. 1. 3DCS Report Creation Need to Generate a Report? It’s Easy With 3DCS! A Guided Walkthrough of Creating Reports in 3DCS
  2. 2. SAVE TIME! Reports for Different Needs Modifiable and Customizable Easy to Share and Present Various Formats 2
  3. 3. Report Formats Creation Requirements Greatest Benefit Application Example Text Based (Statistical) .CSV, .RSH, .GFA, .REL, .RSS 3DCS Quick access to statistical data Working on basic parts, need just data Text Based (RAW) .RAW, .HST, .HLM, .DEV 3DCS Import into downstream applications Sending to Mini-TAB or Enovia Auto Report .PPT, HTML, .PDF, EXCEL 3DCS Collaboration and Presentation Have to do presentation for manager QDM WEB SERVER, .PDF, HTML 3DCS, QDM-3D Compare data Comparing results of simulation to as-built DeltaGen FLASH, IMAGE 3DCS, DeltaGen, Add- ons See product variation Looking at variation’s affect on appearance 3
  4. 4. Automated Report Text-based Fastest Most Detailed Most Presentable 4
  5. 5. Analysis Outputs Statistical Raw Data One page HTML 5
  6. 6. Internet Browser Generated Report Excel 6
  7. 7. Widely used format Printing capability Convert to other formatsEasy to share 7
  8. 8. Created from 3DCS report Import contents Customizable Visual Basic to customize Rearrange and format Automated Report 8
  9. 9. Web server 9
  10. 10. Dimensional Control Systems 580 Kirts Blvd Ste 309 Troy, MI, 48084 Looking for more? Email or call at: | 248-269-9777 10