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History of volleyball


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The topic contains information about the history of volleyball

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History of volleyball

  1. 1. Volleyball
  2. 2. On February 9, 1895, in Holyoke,Massachusetts (USA), William G.Morgan, a YMCA physical educationdirector, created a new gamecalled  Mintonette  as a pastime to beplayed preferably indoors and lessstrenous than basketball. He divided arectangular court into two equal partsby piles of books lined at the center ofthe court that serve as the net. Morgancalled the game “mintonette ” becauseof the net which he used to divide thecourt into two. The objective of thegame is to keep the ball on air by usingthe hands to hit the ball back and forthfrom one side of the court to anotheruntil one group misses the chance ofhitting the ball back to the opponent’sside.
  3. 3. The interior of a basketball was the firstball used in mintonette. But it seemedthat the interior of a basketball was toolight for the game, while the basketballwas too heavy. A.G. Spalding created aball suited for the new game.In 1932, Alfred Hastead, a professor ofYMCA suggested to change the name ofthe game from Mintonette into“Volleyball” because of one skills used inplaying which is volley.
  4. 4. The popularity of volleyball started to spread inthe early 1900. In fact, here in the Philippines, itwas introduced by Elwood Brown in the year1910. The game was received warmly. TheFilipino’s introduced the spike hit, one of theskills in volleyball. The ball is hit close to the netwith tremendous force. In local lingo, spike isknown as kill or “atake”.In 1964, at Tokyo Olympics, volleyball became anolympic sports for men and women.