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Dr Reena R Bommasani VA


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Dr Reena R Bommasani VA had started her private practice in 2004 in Woodbridge, Virginia and extended it to Manassas in 2006.

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Dr Reena R Bommasani VA

  1. 1. Dr Reena R Bommasani VA Offers Inexpensive Yet Superior Healthcare Services
  2. 2. A Board Certified Family Practice MD, Dr Reena R Bommasani VA has extensive experience in the medical industry. She is the owner and the Medical Director of Millenium Medical Corp. This facility has operations in two main locations— Hillendale Medical Care Woodbridge VA and Hoadly Medical Care Manassas VA. She provides excellent yet inexpensive healthcare services to patients of different age groups from nearby areas.
  3. 3. Dr Reena R Bommasani VA had started her private practice in 2004 in Woodbridge, Virginia and extended it to Manassas in 2006. At her facilities, medical conditions like hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension, etc. are treated through preventive medicine and care. The team of doctors working at Millenium Medical Corp is knowledgeable and experienced and works hard to provide best available treatment to the patients.
  4. 4. She has studied from some of the top educational institutions from around the world. After studying at Medical School at Bangalore University, India, she completed her internship from Osmania General Hospital, India. Dr Bommasani completed her Family Practice Residency from the Wilkes Barre General Hospital, Pennsylvania. She also holds Certifications in Neonatal Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  5. 5. Besides serving people as a doctor, she also participates in numerous activities for raising funds for charitable causes. She is also a member of many prestigious organizations such as AMA and AAFP. She also participates in seminars and workshops for creating awareness about diseases like cancer and diabetes that claim lives of people who fail to recognize the symptoms of these diseases on onset and are unable to take preventive measures. Preventive care can help people fight these diseases and lead a healthy and normal life.
  6. 6. Dr Reena R Bommasani VA has helped numerous patients through her healthcare services. The atmosphere in her clinics is also calm to ensure that patients feel relaxed and stress free during the diagnosis.
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