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How To Be Social


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Presentation by Penny at the inaugural Australian Foodblogger’s Conference: Eat.Drink.Blog held in Melbourne, 221 March 2010

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How To Be Social

  1. 3. Times have changed and will continue to evolve . The way we interact with one another has changed.
  2. 4. Familiar Tools
  3. 5. Social Media Landscape
  4. 6. Sharing widgets
  5. 7. Five steps join create share comment participate
  6. 8. Create a collection of relevant activities to send and ignite conversations . If you are using the platforms to just broadcast and NOT build bridges, your social media engagement will only travel so far.
  7. 9. Blogging is about making sustainable conversations and connections . These tools are here to help us. So do not abuse them. The key thing here is to remember that no one learns how to use social media exceptionally well without making mistakes. ~~~ Mark Collier, The Viral Garden
  8. 11. Be social online and offline . Be part of the community .