The cooperation


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A story made by my students(non English native speakers)

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The cooperation

  1. 1. The Cooperation
  2. 2. The characters Ilham:suzan Yasmeen:malak Mariam:timaa Lena:rahf Lama adel:ameera
  3. 3. In a little village there was five fairies living on the clouds in a magic cave . And there was a magic flower provides them with energy and life. One day there was an evil magician stole the flower in his house in the ground. When the fairies went to the flower to get their power they did not find the magic flower they all said: o my god where did the flower disappear? They began searching for the flower . come to ask the people Well lets start
  4. 4. Rahaf started asking her neighbor: Did you see the magic flower ? No, I didn’t
  5. 5. Can you help me? I saw a man with a hat and long black dress entered the room Have you seen the magic flower?
  6. 6. <ul><li>Ameera rushed to her friends and said what she collected </li></ul>
  7. 7. Lets ask the magic mirror about the magician place Malak take the mirror ok
  8. 8. O my mirror my mirror do you know where is the magician? Yes ,he lives on the ground near the gold river
  9. 9. the fairy said: lets get ready to the trip
  10. 10. I will write the important things we need in the bag
  11. 11. I will watch the village with my magic telescope
  12. 12. I will prepare a mixture to beat the magician
  13. 13. after a while Malak said I finished the mixture I watched the village and knew that the magician began to control the village We have to go to magician now
  14. 14. And when they arrived the ground We must use the compass
  15. 15. When they used the compass they knew the road and completed walking. Till they arrived the large bridge there was a fog around it
  16. 16. Lets try to cross the bridge
  17. 17. they saw the house of the evil magician near the golden river with black fog around it .
  18. 18. I am afraid Lets go into the house
  19. 19. It is scary
  20. 20. Don’t walk more than that
  21. 21. Yes ,we did it
  22. 22. Good bye they went to their village and lived happily for ever