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Ecommerce final ppt


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Ecommerce final ppt

  1. 1. E-CommerceReem Almarri - 200920150
  2. 2. Outline 1. Introduction 2. 5. ElectronicEcommerce Commerce Features 3. Internet 6. Advantages and Business Disadvantages of Models e-commerce4. Customer 7. References intimacy
  3. 3. Introduction1. E Commerce 2. What is definition ecommerce website 3. Facts & Statistics
  4. 4. E Commerce1- E commerce is business that takes place electronically, generally over the Internet. 2- It refers to the use of theInternet and the Web to transact business between and among organizations and individuals
  5. 5. What is e-commerce website
  6. 6. Facts & Statistics Began in 1995 and grew at an annual rate of 16 % Rapid growth led to market bubble While many companies failed, many survived with soaring revenues E-commerce is the fastest growing form of retail trade in U.S., Europe, Asia
  7. 7. E Commerce Features1. Global Reach2. Richness3. Interactivity4. Information Density
  8. 8. Global Reach The technology reaches acrossnational boundaries, around Earth
  9. 9. RichnessSupports video,audio, and text messages
  10. 10. InteractivityThe technology works throughinteraction with the user
  11. 11. Information DensityVast increases in informationdensity—the total amount and quality of information available to all market participants
  12. 12. Internet Business Models1. Virtual Storefront2. Information Broker3. Online Marketplace
  13. 13. Types of Electronic Commerce(B2C) (B2B) (C2C)
  14. 14. Business-to-consumer (B2C)Business that sells products orprovides services to end-user consumers.
  15. 15. Business-to-business (B2B)Business that sells products orprovides services to other businesses.
  16. 16. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)In internet commerce,means through which consumers interactwith other consumers through online auctions.
  17. 17. Customer IntimacyO Interactive marketing and personalizationO Customer Self Service
  18. 18. Advantages and Disadvantages of e-commerce DisadvantagAdvantages es
  19. 19. Advantages Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products. Buying/selling 24/7. More reach to customers, there is no theoretical geographic limitations. Low operational costs and better quality of services. Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically.
  20. 20. Disadvantages Any one, good or bad, can easily start a business. And there are many bad sites which eat up customers’ money. There is no guarantee of product quality. Mechanical failures can cause unpredictable effects on the total processes.
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