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Lab tools


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Lab tools

  2. 2. SAFETY GOGGLES(Protects the eyes from flying objects orchemical splashes)
  3. 3. TEST TUBESA small glass container used to view chemicalreactions or to heat small amounts of asubstance
  4. 4. TEST TUBE BRUSHThe test tube brush is used to easily cleanthe inside of a test tube.
  5. 5. TEST TUBE HOLDERThe holder is used to hold test tubes whenthey are hot and untouchable.
  6. 6. TEST TUBE RACKThe test tube rack is used to hold test tubes whilereactions happen in them or while they are notneeded.
  7. 7. BEAKERA wide-mouthed container used to transport,heat or store substances
  8. 8. CONICAL FLASKA narrow-mouthed container used to transport,heat or store substances, often used when astopper is required
  9. 9. GRADUATED CYLINDERUsed to measure volume very precisely
  10. 10. FUNNELUsed to pour liquids into containers with smallopenings or to hold filter paper
  11. 11. DROPPERUse to drop very small amounts of liquids.
  12. 12. BUNSEN BURNERUsed to heat objects
  13. 13. FORCEPSIt is used to hold tiny objects in the lab
  14. 14. MERCURY THERMOMETERUsed to measure temperature.
  15. 15. SPATULAUsed to move small amount of solid and powders from place to place.