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What is the Future of Customer Experience?


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So many technologies promise to locate, connect and understand your customers. But which one is the future of CX? How do I assure my ROI?

Published in: Retail
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What is the Future of Customer Experience?

  1. 1. =' r&' n; :;: e I? J: !fT Luljl I 21 T! N V‘ |1U%| E[i: i"‘IIf'v. I V ,1.‘ fl, 4,‘ 1|, ,[, O, -'w: TfA
  2. 2. G Improved customer experiences will build stronger relationships and bring more customers. -CISCO Customer experiences represent the $3 7 single greatest | oT market opportunity. ' TRILLION
  3. 3. So many techs promise to LOCATE, CONNECT and UNDERSTAND your customers. [A _ . x _‘/ )'
  4. 4. How do I assure my ROI? Which one is the future of CX?
  5. 5. y reelyActive .1. reelyActive technology enables smart spaces that T % i detect wireless devices (even the not—so-smart ones! ) A ‘ R‘ / i Push notifications Are only the beginning.
  6. 6. A space that's smart enough to sense its occupants and put them in context can even deliver the notifications. ’ 2 %_a, GRME NIGHT u * BUY THIS* - '—~5 - err sox arr
  7. 7. Anonymous detection Anything else requires opt—in. TRHFFIC Get analytics that enable actionable insights.
  8. 8. Respond to customer needs in real time If : .4‘ I‘ >1 L4_
  9. 9. VIP treatment for everyone Get info on your registered users profile and preferences ‘iii A personal experience starts with understanding a person
  10. 10. ii’. .. Use that info to create the "[yo; ="-brairtci] moment" / 1:. Q‘ l» ‘t W‘ 1| (Y, I. A l, H
  11. 11. WHILE EVERY TECH CONTRIBUTES T0 CX. ... .. Our open source horizontal platform complements them all, driving richer, contextual experiences. ’ no L! Eit! DOR OPEN SOURCE I-0C= <-W!
  12. 12. Because we’re connected. .. . at ”, _g Stay adaptable to any in ~ L available or future technology We . ,. , 7 ‘-.
  13. 13. REMOTE MIIINTENIINCE NO BIITTERIES 7 Of retailers don’t want to o own or spend up-front money on technology and hardware. Forget tech and focus on retail with smart spaces as-a-service
  14. 14. What it comes down to Better customer experiences + Lower total cost of ownership it Measurable ROI air
  15. 15. Our growing global network of partners. .. can build your app, analyse your data, install your hardware . ..and create the ”[your-brand] moment”. §9_! I£§§ 1. The Intemct of Everything - A $19 Trillion Opportunity N hrtp. .=)"mvw. ciscacom. l/«ebflscrvices, /porzfolio, ~tonsulting-soIwccs, .it1ocumcnrs, .=l: onsulling services ~captun’ng-ioc wlucoog pdf y 2. Survey of US Retailers’ Use of Indoor Locatio I - httpsj/ opusres ea Ich. ne! ,lwordpress/ pdfreports, -"OpusResea rch_ RerailersurVey_lndaorLoca no n_Aug2014.pd/