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Advertise Yourself! - reelyActive at Bluetooth World 2014


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The alternative for indoor location of Bluetooth Smart (BLE) devices including smartphones and wearables. Presented by reelyActive at Bluetooth World 2014.

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Advertise Yourself! - reelyActive at Bluetooth World 2014

  1. 1. Advertise Yourself! The alternative for indoor location of Bluetooth Smart devices Jeffrey Dungen Co-founder and CEO reelyActive
  2. 2. Ordre du jour the Past: Stories of pain the Present: A world of potential the Future: A new paradigm?
  3. 3. The Past: Stories of Pain So, you want to build a low-power wireless device that can communicate a few bytes of ID and/or sensor data…
  4. 4. Home Automation Project (2002-2003) Internet-connected home automation • Expensive hardware • Minimal radio integration • Complicated!!!
  5. 5. Real-Time Location System (2004-2010) Precisely locate low-power wireless devices in real-time • DIY radio • DIY hardware • DIY wireless protocol, …
  6. 6. reelyActive (2012…) Simple, accessible RTLS and wireless sensor network • DIY wireless protocol Success! But…
  7. 7. The Present: A World of Potential Bluetooth Smart: • Accessible, highly-integrated hardware • Standard wireless protocol • Global reach (2.4GHz) • Ability to send a few bytes of information in an advertising packet …everything is finally in place!
  8. 8. Advertising is awesome Our approach to real-time location has always included even the simplest, most cost-effective devices. The devices advertise themselves to fixed infrastructure which handles the “smarts”.
  9. 9. The awesome alternative? The billions of smartphones on this planet take the opposite approach to indoor location. Blog post: blog/archives/158
  10. 10. Bluetooth Smart can flip this around Any Bluetooth Smart device, including smartphones, can (at least technically) advertise itself to its surroundings In September 2013, we showed this principle with iOS devices running iBeacons BUT, this is severely restricted by the mobile OS Video:
  11. 11. The future: a new paradigm? Smart Devices The Internet of People Smart Spaces The Internet of Things
  12. 12. Smart Spaces for dumb (and smart) devices Smart Spaces can sense, identify and locate the devices within Smart Spaces consolidate a real-time understanding of the world at a human scale Bluetooth Smart is a key enabler for Smart Spaces
  13. 13. Smart Space applications All technically possible today Conferences Retail Automation Parking
  14. 14. Example: Live Directory
  15. 15. The challenges moving forward • Mobile OS • Privacy & Security • Standards • for identifiers • for metadata • Infrastructure 1 billion Bluetooth Smart devices shipped last year, and they’re not all phones!
  16. 16. Contact Jeffrey Dungen EUI-64: 00-1b-c5-09-40-10-00-69 reelyActive @reelyActive | +reelyActive Thanks for your time!