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Reel Works Presentation pt. 1


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Delivered by John Williams

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Reel Works Presentation pt. 1

  1. 1. Reel Works provides free filmmaking programs for NYC youth.Using a unique one-on-one mentoring model, we challenge at-risk youth to tell their stories and have their voices heard. Inturn, they build vital skills of literacy, leadership and self-confidence to create productive futures.REEL WORKS MISSION
  2. 2. The DigitalMediaRevolution &Impact onReel WorksYOUTH MEDIA IS DEAD
  3. 3.  Centered on video, music or journalism. Often collaborative, project based learning Arts enhancement opportunities beyond the school day. Audience limited to friends, family and film festivals.Reel Works Innovations Mentoring model Individual Storytelling Quality of work Wide audienceOLD YOUTH MEDIA MODEL
  4. 4.  Educational Video Center (EVC) Global Action Project (GAP) Downtown Community Television (DCTV) Ghetto Film School Manhattan Neighborhood Network Bay Area Video Arts Coalition Tribeca Film InstituteOUR PEERS - BEFORE
  5. 5. • Digital technology has sparked a sea-change in how media iscreated and consumed.• It has impacted education – creating a 24/7, participatory,learning anywhere/anytime culture.• It has sparked new education paradigms and ideas of what itmeans to be educated today.• Out of school learning becomes more important, creating newopportunities for programs like Reel Works.• Explosion of media platforms: video, music, web design, appdesign, game design, podcasts, blogs, transmedia…DIGITAL MEDIA REVOLUTION
  6. 6.  Tribeca Film Institute CoLab at CultureHub Global Potential Ghetto Film School MOUSE Dreamyard The POINT Eyebeam Girls Write Now Iridescent Learning Global Kids Institute of Play The Lamp Radio Rookies Urban Word NYC Make the Road Youth Communication City Lore Digital Me (UK) BAYVAC DCTV Peoples Production House New York Hall of Science Global Action Project EVC Girls Write NowOUR PEERS - TODAY
  7. 7.  21st Century Skills: Knowledge is Over. Critical Thinking Collaboration Communication Creativity Connected Learning (Hive) A model of learning that draws on the power of technology to fuse youngpeoples interests, friendships and academics through hands-onproduction, shared purpose and open networks. Active. Relevant. Real World. Effective. Hands-On. Networked. Innovative.Personal. Transformative. Maker Movement Tech-influenced DIY community. A wellspring of innovation, creating new products and producing value inthe community. Interest-driven. Innovative. Entrepreneurial. Hands-On. Learn by Doing.DIGITAL LEARNING PARADIGMS
  8. 8.  Chris Lawrence The media landscape has undergone a sea-change. Digital and social revolution has created a participatory culture. What youth expect from media is different. When organizations fail to grasp changes in the culture, they can getflattened. To stay relevant, youth media groups must have participatory values. Education is not immune to new paradigms - 24/7 learning iseverywhere. More permeable boundaries of what education is and where itoccurs. After School becomes part of learning anywhere/anytime culture.WHAT OUR FUNDERS SAYMOZILLA FOUNDATION/HIVEFY12: $87K FY13: $50K
  9. 9. Phil Sanchez Great storytelling is platform agnostic. Media is changing, we must adapt. Fluidity in arts disciplines is necessary as new mediaplatforms emerge. Be where young people are. International is popular among corporations like Time Warner. What Reel Works does best: helping youth tell their stories. Communicate scope of new programs and connect tofilmmaking core.TIME WARNERFY12: $50K FY13: $100K
  10. 10. Miguel Salinas Very focused on building international partnerships andincubating cross cultural collaborations with new online tools. New Creativity Scholarship Fund to address need to supportcareer readiness. Some agencies are changing to stay relevant, some are doing thesame model the always have. Very few have the capacity to take on projects that are not local. Outcomes do not change: building 21st century skills throughcreativity. Scale is a challenge: too many schools are not embracing newmodels or lack technology resources. Media making process is inherently individual and unscalable.ADOBEFY13: $20K
  11. 11.  Supports programs like Reel Works because they target anaudience that is hard to reach. Jobs that require technology skills are among the fastestgrowing sectors. Sees growth in video production, web design, app building,game design, etc. in youth programs. Loves Hive NYC model – would fund projects incubatedthrough Hive partnerships. Collaboration is positive. Don’t invent when you can partner. If Reel Works were to expand other media offerings, it shouldalways link back to filmmaking. Reel works is about storytelling and youth development.PINKERTON FOUNDATIONFY12: $50K FY13 $70K
  12. 12.  21st Century skills are what we teach. Connected Learning is what we do. Partnerships with schools create opportunities to be seen asessential educational partners. Youth centered learning in our classrooms will lead to newprograms – like the music program – that will be relevant toteens. Workforce development programs create stronger ties withcorporate funders & industry. Hive Membership creates opportunities for innovation andpartnership with other agencies locally and internationally. Close partnerships with City of New York & WNET make ushighly visible. Our brand is quality storytelling and innovative programs.REEL WORKS IS POSITIONED TO LEAD
  13. 13. Before TodayWe Teach Filmmaking. Vs. We are digital media educators who teach 21stcentury skills through filmmaking.We are educators who partner with schools toprovide in school and after school mediaworkshops that engage at risk youth.We Make Student Films Vs. We are content creators of powerful peer-to-peeryouth media that is seen worldwide across allplatforms.We are a Brooklyn organization. Vs. We are a Brooklyn based organization that servesNYC youth citywide.We are local organization that has an outsizedimpact on the field through our innovative programsand the quality of our student work.PARADIGM SHIFT
  14. 14. Program Serves Earns GrowthCore After School Programs:The Lab, The Summer Lab, TheMaster Lab, New Initiatives.200 $400K Limited in our current space.New Location?Reel Works In Schools 100-200 $120K Unlimited if we invest in fundraisingand staffing capacity.Includes Professional Developmentfor teachers.Reel Works Productions 20 $210K Unlimited if we invest in marketingand staffing.Reel Futures 15 $65K Limited by funding and availabilityof work-ready youth and industrypartners.Reel Impact/Distribution 1 Million $0 Unlimited if we invest in outreach.OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH
  15. 15. Youth experience media across multiple screens and platformsevery day of their lives. They consume entertainment - videos,music, games, web sites – in fluid, participatory continuum ofexperiences and share them through social media. Teenscreate and share without consideration of boundaries betweenmedia.Reel Works can continue to be leader in the field withoutsacrificing out core filmmaking identity. But we have to listento our students, our education partners and funders andrecognize that no one just makes stand-alone movies anymore.Innovation is multidisciplinary, collaborative and welcomesfailure.FINAL THOUGHTS