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Presentation for Florida Association of Counties 2012 Economic Development Panel

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FAC Panel Slideshow

  1. 1. Watch us sizzle...!!
  2. 2. In 2010 the Florida legislature passed legislation that converted Florida’s Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program from a year to year cash rebate program to what is now a six year program with $296 million in transferable tax credits - this program has jump-started Florida’s film and entertainment industry.The 2010 legislation that converted Florida’s Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive Program from a year to year cash rebateprogram to a five year program with $242 million in transferable tax credits has jump-started Florida’s film and entertainment industry.
  3. 3. Film & Entertainment by the numbers... (Program projections as of 04/30/2012)• 433 Applications received• 204 Projects certified• 27 Projects awarded tax credits so far...• Over $1.25billion projected to be spent on qualified FL expenditures• Approx. 162,000 projected # of positions created• Over $745million projected to be paid in FL wages• Approx. 222,000 room nights 4 4
  4. 4. Movie Projects 5 5
  5. 5. Television Projects 6 6
  6. 6. Digital Media Projects 7 7
  7. 7. Independent & Emerging Media Projects 8 8
  8. 8. How can you attract and support more film and entertainment projects in your community?• Support Film Florida and our State Office of Film & Entertainment by supporting our initiatives to build and grow the industry throughout the State;• Appoint a local film liaison or create a film commission - ask us how! 9 9
  9. 9. Why should your community support film and entertainmentthroughout the State of Florida? 10 10
  10. 10. By supporting a competitive film and entertainment tax incentive program, you are supporting existing partner industries and businesses, as well as fostering permanent jobs throughout the State of Florida.Tourism and Hospitality On-location productions extend economic benefits to hotels, restaurants, lodging, etc.; On-location crews spend monies in a variety of ways throughout local communities, supporting local businesses (just like tourists); The Florida tourism and hospitality industries also benefit from major marketing and advertising campaigns launched by studios and TV networks to promote Florida-based productions; and Increased world-wide exposure triggers film-based tourism, driving more revenue into tax coffers.
  11. 11. Real Estate and Construction High-impact feature films and TV projects stimulate the real estate industry by showcasing Florida’s desirable lifestyle globally; On-location productions rely heavily on a complex combination of workers and businesses to make movies and TV shows, from construction through other skilled labor resources.Hi-Tech Industries Florida’s High-tech industries work closely with our digital media and interactive entertainment companies capitalizing on their capabilities to produce military training simulations, medical visualizations, 3D virtual training environments and cost effective game-based training platforms to name a few.
  12. 12. Panelists• Sheena Fowler - Orlando Film Commissioner, Metro Orlando Film & Television Commission• Jud French - Director, Research & Innovation Initiatives, Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts• Leah Sokolowsky - Film Florida & Location Manager/Scout
  13. 13. Thank You!