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ePub 4 Ways: Vendor Conversion


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Vendor conversion notes for ePub files.

Published in: Technology
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ePub 4 Ways: Vendor Conversion

  1. 1. ePub:  Post-­‐Produc.on  Vendor   Conversions   Kenneth  Reed   Princeton  University  Press   21  June  2013  
  2. 2. Vendors  as  Middlemen   •  Post-­‐produc:on  conversions:  lower  impact  for  the   press   –  Marke:ng  managed  the  conversions   –  Digital  Asset  Distribu:on  provider  took  care  of  everything   –  No  requirements/conversion  instruc:ons  requested   –  No  descrip:on  of  services,  or  feedback  other  than  per-­‐ page  costs  for  simple  and  complex  :tles  
  3. 3. Indexes:  Unwanted  Vendor  Interven.on   “The  index  that  appeared  in  the  print  version  of   this  2tle  does  not  match  the  pages  in  your   eBook.  Please  use  the  search  func2on  on  your   eReading  device  to  search  for  terms  of  interest.   For  your  reference,  the  terms  that  appear  in  the   print  index  are  listed  below.”  
  4. 4. Vendors  as  Partners   •  Standard  conversion  instruc:ons   – QA  process  to  ensure  standards  and  help  develop   more  detailed  instruc:ons   •  Service  level  agreement:  descrip:on  of  services  
  5. 5. Standard  ePub  Conversion  Instruc.ons     •  Naviga:on  elements   •  Cover   •  Cross  references   •  Special  characters/diacri:cs/foreign  languages   •  Image  specifica:ons  (placement,  resolu:on,  etc.)   •  Page  anchors  for  index  cross  linking  
  6. 6. Service  Level  Agreement   •  File  submission  (metadata  requirements)   •  Source  files  (XML,  print  PDF,  image  PDF,  etc.)   •  Complexity  levels  of  books,  defined  by  the  vendor   and  accepted  by  the  Press   •  Conversion  rates  according  to  page  count  and   complexity  levels  (necessary  for  es:ma:ng   conversion  costs)    
  7. 7. Service  Level  Agreement,  cont’d   •  Conversion  instruc:ons  (reference  to  the  standard   instruc:ons)   •  Delivery  standard  (file  format:  ePub  version  /  turn   around  :me  for  deliveries  including  rush  jobs)     •  Quality  expecta:ons,  including  Amazon  Kindle   conversion  via  Kindlegen  (important  because  we  are   ordering  ePub,  delivered  to  Amazon  and  converted   via  Kindlegen)     •  Error  correc:on  policy  (including  costs)  
  8. 8. Complexity  Levels   •  4  Categories:  Simple,  Medium,  Complex,  Very   Complex   –  Content  complexity:  inline  images;  music  or  poetry   content;  math,  chemical  or  other  scien:fic  languages;   Greek,  or  other  foreign  languages   –  Number  of  links   –  Number  of  Images   –  Number  of  Tables/text  boxes/side  bars   –  Number  of  Lists/Nested  Lists   –  Number  of  Notes/Footnotes  
  9. 9. ePub  QA   •  Amazon  reworks  spreadsheet   – Marke:ng  reviewed  and  fed  back  to  vendor   •  Integra:ng  the  workflow  in  Produc:on   – Who  checks  the  files?   – Can  we  make  correc:ons  internally,  or  do  we  need   to  send  them  all  back  to  the  vendor?  
  10. 10. Amazon  Reworks   ISSUES:  Paragraphing/Error  Loca:on  :3921/Chapter  :1/Error   Descrip:on  :Image  is  interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text.  ISSUES:   Paragraphing/Error  Descrip:on  :Image  is  interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text./ Chapter  :1/Error  Loca:on  :5853  ISSUES:  Other/Error   Descrip:on  :Blocking  Mobi  7  issues;  please  check  with  your  TAM/Error   Loca:on  :throughout/Chapter  :1  ISSUES:  Paragraphing/Error   Descrip:on  :Image  is  interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text./Error  Loca:on  : 5822/Chapter  :1  ISSUES:  Paragraphing/Error  Descrip:on  :Image  is   interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text./Chapter  :1/Error  Loca:on  :3961  ISSUES:   Paragraphing/Error  Loca:on  :4156/Error  Descrip:on  :Image  is   interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text./Chapter  :1  ISSUES:  Paragraphing/Error   Descrip:on  :Image  is  interrup:ng  the  flow  of  text./Chapter  :1/Error   Loca:on  :5363  
  11. 11. New  Roles   •  Produc:on  Editors   – ePub  QA   •  Check  :tle/author/ISBN  against  database   •  Check  cover  and  TOC  against  PUP  web  site   •  Check  TOC  links/sidebar  links   •  Check  illustra:ons   •  Spot  check  internal  and  external  links  
  12. 12. New  Roles,  cont’d   •  In-­‐house  composi:on   – Correc:ons  (those  that  can  be  done  in-­‐house)   •  Manufacturing   – Ebook  conversion  es:mates?   •  Designers   – Familiariza:on,  art  check  (especially  the  cover)   – Development  of  CSS?  
  13. 13. New  Skill  Sets   •  XHTML   •  CSS   •  XML   – And  related  technologies,  like  XPath,  XSLT,  DTD,   Schemas,  etc.  for  the  ambi:ous  
  14. 14. XML  Editor:  oXygen  
  15. 15. ePub  Valida.on   •  ePub  correc:on  and  valida:on  (files  up  to  10MB  can   be  checked  online)   – hjp://   •  Larger  files  can  be  checked  via  command  line,   downloaded  from:   – hjp://  
  16. 16. Ongoing  Challenges:   •  Tighter  integra:on  with  Produc:on   •  Nature  Guides   •  Math   •  Textbooks   •  Fixed  layout?   •  iBooks  Author?  
  17. 17. Thanks!   Kenneth  Reed   Princeton  University  Press