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Who are you online?


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Tips and advice to make sure you are representing the best version of yourself online to assist your job search!

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Who are you online?

  1. 1. Who are you online?
  2. 2. Posted something without thinking? Sounded better in your head? We’ve all been there
  3. 3. 2. Watch what you say (and have said already!) Using Social Media 1. Make your facebook profile private 3. Give yourself a bio, informative, short and interesting 4. Use it, the more you put in, the more you get out 5. Post 80/20 - 20% about you, 80% about other topics
  4. 4. LinkedIn Profile Guide Essential to use Essential to get right Here's what to include...
  5. 5. Your Picture • Professional • Appropriate • Single • Headshot • First impressions count
  6. 6. • Digital CV • Recent • Relevant • Achievements • Training and courses Experience
  7. 7. Skills and Endorsement Having someone else credit your work and character... GOLD!
  8. 8. Volunteering • Include any voluntary work you’ve done to show you are passionate about the causes you support.
  9. 9. • Academic • Professional • Vocational • Modular • Clever stick Education
  10. 10. Honours and awards • Internal • Industry • School • University • Celebrate
  11. 11. Write this last Summary This will make it easier for you to produce the best overview, without missing out anything important. This is your highlights reel, your 30-second pitch to employers and recruiters - include your industry, key accomplishments, values, passions and core skills here.
  12. 12. Keywords To get hired, it is important to include keywords that recruiters will use as search terms. A simple tactic to ensure you will appear when they look for jobseekers with your skills, experience and qualifications.
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