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The martian poster analysis 2


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The martian poster analysis

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The martian poster analysis 2

  1. 1. Tagline The Terminal Area Direct Mode of Address Formal Mode of Address Axisof Orientation WeakFallowArea
  2. 2. Axisof Orientation: The axis of orientation on the poster draws our attention towards Matt Damon’s face. The facial expressiononMatt isdifferenttothe firstposteranalysisIthinkthe director has told him to change hisfacial expressionbecause thisposterisaimedatmore of a female audience. I think this because he looks better looking in this one and looks more fragile and the colours used can be classed as feminineandwarmcolours.The part that ishighlightedasthe axis of orientation is slightly faded at the bottom of the face this makes me think that the film is also abit of a drama as well as a science fictionfilm. I think the producer has also done this because drama is a genre that is predominantly aimed at females. Mode of Address: The modesof addressforthe posterabove are;formal and direct. The poster is direct because Matt Damon is looking directly towards the camera; as a result of using a direct mode of address the producer wants the audience to create a connection with the main character. When the audience looks at the main characters face it makes us question why he looks so upset and it makes the audience curioustowhathappensonmars to make himbe put in a fragile state of mind. So already the posteris makingthe audience sortof worryaboutwhat the main character is being put through. Thisis anotherreasonwhyI thinkthe filmposteris aimed at females because if he looked stronger and lessemotionalthenitwouldn’t really appeal to women and it would appeal to more men than this poster has done. The poster is formal because of the font that has been used. By using a more serious font the producerisgivingintothe conventionsof aScience-Fictionposter,whenadvertisingascience-fiction film the producers tend to use a more serious font because in a weird and unconventional sort of way they try to challenge what is considered the “norm” in society or they try to address quite serious topics but they do it whilst providing entertainment to the viewer. Tagline: The tagline forthe movie poster is “HELP IS ONLY 140 MILES AWAY”. The tagline gives the audience a clue that the main character is stuck somewhere that isn’t on earth, another clue that the tagline gives the audience is that something is going to help him. By having “HELP IS ONLY 140 MILES AWAY” as the tagline it raises some questions within the audience such as weather the main character gets help or weather something goes terribly wrong. This meets the need of the target audience because whenyougoto see a filmyouwantto have questions so you feel invested in the film, otherwise it would just be boring. Target Audience: I think the target audience for this poster is more of a female audience because the producer has made the main character look more vulnerable and in some sort of way made him look better looking. This could appeal to a female audience because if you think the main character is good looking then you will go see the film. Another part of the poster that could appeal to more of a female audience isthe coloursthathave beenincludedinthe poster. Oranges and Yellows could be seen as more feminine colour than masculine colours.