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Market research


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Market research

  1. 1. 10-15.30%16-20.40%21+.30%ageMarket ResearchThe function of my research is to investigate what type of musicmagazine was most liked by college students on campus. ByinterviewingGender helps me to see on whether that female will buy more comics or male.Age shows me what age group is more likely to buy a magazine.
  2. 2. 0%30%60%10%income0-4950-99100-199200+Occupation shows Weather employed or unemployed are more likely to buy a magazine.This chart shows me how much people with a certain amount income will buy a magazine.
  3. 3. This shows me what genre is preferred most out of all the magaziznes.This chart shows how much people will be willing to pay for a magazine.
  4. 4. This shows me just what people actually enjoy in a magazine.This chart suggests that people rip music of YouTube more than any other way of getting downloads.
  5. 5. The chart here shows how that most people care about the quality of an image.