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Impact of Social Networking Sites on Secondary School Children


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M.Ed Dissertation Proposal

Published in: Education
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Impact of Social Networking Sites on Secondary School Children

  2. 2. Introduction• Social Networking Websites (SNS) provides a virtual social space for individuals.• Popular SNSs are Facebook,Google+,Twitter• 1.2 billion worldwide SNS users• SNS Usage in India: Age Group 13-17 is 20.6%• Tools of teenage communication -Wall posts, status updates, thumbs up etc…
  3. 3. Need and Significance• Internet – center of communication• SNS an unavoidable part of adolescent lifestyle• SNS affect internal and external growth of adolescents• This study will help:  School administrators  Parents  Teachers  Students
  4. 4. Problem StatementThis study is aimed at determining the impact ofsocial networking websites on the socialbehaviour and academic performance of thesecondary school students (VIII thstandard, CBSE syllabus) in Pathanamthittadistrict, Kerala.
  5. 5. ObjectivesTo study• The extent of exposure to SNS by secondary school students.• The impact of SNS on student’s social behavior ;interactions and disruptive behavior• The impact of SNS on academic performance• Suggest the need for awareness about influences of SNS in students• Suggest appropriate curricular activities to develop self-discipline while using SNS in students
  6. 6. Review of Related Literature• Thembekile.O.Mayayise (2008): Social impact of internet on high school learners• John Manual C.Asilo et al. (2010): influence of SNS on interpersonal relationships of students(age group:12-16)• Kaitlyn Flad (2010): influence of SNS on student achievement and performance across gender lines• Elizabeth Power (2010): reviews available literature on the influence of SNS on student academic performance
  7. 7. Hypotheses• Extended exposure to SNS may negatively influence offline relationships and academic achievement• Students who are less socially adept in real life may use SNS to be socially active• Relationships that are formed online may be casual, short-lived and shallow
  8. 8. • Girls may prefer SNS to maintain previously existing friendships while boys prefer SNS to make new friends or for flirting• Use of SNS by adolescents without guidance and monitoring by adults may cause anti-social behavior or may lead students to become victims of anti-social behavior
  9. 9. • Research Design: This study uses descripive research design• Sample: The sample to be selected is 30 eighth standard students of Marthoma Senior Secondary School, Pathanamthitta, Kerala , 10 teachers and 10 parents.
  10. 10. • Tools The research will use the following for data collection: (1) Scheduled observation (2) Direct Behaviour Rating- Multiple Item Scale assessment tool for students, teachers and parents (3) Survey questionnaire (4) Interview with teachers and students.
  11. 11. • Variables The independent variable is Social Networking Websites. The dependent variables are social behaviour in terms of relationships of students with peers, teachers and parents, anti-social behaviour, and academic performance.
  12. 12. Operational Definitions• Social Networking Sites: Social Networking Websites (SNS) provides a virtual social space for individuals• Social Behaviour: School based social behaviour in terms of respectful relationships with parents, teachers and peers• Anti-social behaviour- Engaging in activities like cyber-bullying, scams, sexting• Academic performance- Student’s academic engagement and achievement
  13. 13. • Data Analysis Relevant statistical methods will be used to analyze and interpret the data collected.
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