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See what everyone has to say about our service and support. Delivering on Promises, Customers for Life.

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RedZone Testimonials

  1. 1. Client Buzz About RedZone Technologies Greenhorn and O’Mara, CIO SITUATION: The client, G&O, a large engineering company called a RedZone Account Manager at 7 at night with a system outage. RedZone and G&O have had a long term business relationship, and despite the fact that the client was not currently under contract, at 11PM that night, RedZone Senior Engineer sent an email to Senior Management at RedZone that said, “I was able to recover the data disks but the cluster is still not is a functional state. The client wants to call it for the evening. He is going to re-share the data so his users can access it and we are going to follow up tomorrow.” Client’s Response: “Bill I just wanted to drop a note saying I really appreciate the quick response from you and the tech last evening, especially with it being after hours. We were able to get a partial fix in order last night with James help and it was huge. Thanks, Bob” Greenhorn and O’Mara, CIO “I echo this. Thank you for your attention. We really appreciate it.” DavCo Restaurants, Inc., Senior IT Director “The techs have been great and we couldn't have done it without them! They gets extra „kudos‟ for all the help with my questions on GFI, UMA, and VPN, and all the issues we've had with Comcast! We really could not have done all of these upgrades for PCI without them and Red Zone so I truly appreciate everything you all have done for us! I'm sure we will have more projects for you in the near future! ”
  2. 2. Client Buzz About RedZone Technologies United Therapeutics, CIO “Just call me and I would be happy to discuss about RedZone and how I leverage their team.” AFL-CIO Employee Federal Credit Union, CEO “We are so much more advanced in the IT arena than we were just months ago. I really feel good about that. With RedZone in our corner, we have the ability and motivation to tackle the IT infrastructure that is so important in any credit union. I recommend RedZone to any credit union. They will help get IT under control on a fixed monthly expense, and that‟s a lot.” Vision Systems and Technology, Chief Technology Officer “I can't tell you how happy it makes me when corporately VSTI can make a complete cutover to a new technology that improves manageability, increases performance, and reduces costs with zero service interruption to VSTI staff. Additionally, I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to train our folks at the office. You have a great team. Please express my gratitude to those who have supported this effort but are not included in this email.” Greenhorn and O’Mara, CIO “My guys trust RedZone to help with troubleshooting and partnering to help us get the harder stuff done.”
  3. 3. Client Buzz About RedZone Technologies Justice Federal Credit Union, Vice President, Electronic Delivery and Support Services “RedZone is our partner and always fulfills our expectations of being a partner rather than a regular vendor for a one-time job. Our Executive Team trusts and is confident that RedZone has the knowledge to step in if we need them to cover any issue we have. This provides me comfort of having an extended team along with our own staff when needed. RedZone has a very clear understanding of our strategic technology initiatives and constantly assists us in the implementation.” State Department Federal Credit Union, IT Director “I want to thank you for supporting us last night with our emergency. You deployed your “A-Team” and it is refreshing to have a vendor respond with a sense of urgency and resourcefulness. Our IT manager said that RedZone was „just awesome.‟” Comprehensive Geriatric Services, Vice President of Operations “After having several mediocre IT consultants, Red Zone has clearly made a thorough assessment of our needs, addressed the issues and remains available for our staff's questions and to provide guidance. We appreciate your team's contributions to the success of our technological needs. It is also a pleasure to know that your team is quick at troubleshooting an issue and often is able to quickly resolve the problem. So, please pass on our thanks to the RedZone team!” 2444 Solomons Island Road, Suite 219 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Tel: 410.897.9494
  4. 4. Client Buzz About RedZone Technologies Advanced Medical Management, Inc. CTO Title of Email Subject: Blacklisted! “I wanted to take a moment to thank RedZone for the assistance provided to AMM today. We had a situation where we found ourselves unable to send outbound emails because spam was being forwarded from our server, thus black listing us. In your absence, the RedZone team got me in touch with a tech who helped us quickly determine the problem was not internal (thankfully) and eliminate the threat by creating a firewall rule. We have since been removed from the black list and are back in business. It‟s very comforting to know that we are able to obtain timely and knowledgeable assistance as needed. Kudos to the tech for his excellent help!” Partnership FCU, VP Operations and Technology “Things went fine. Truthfully I was pleasantly surprised by how much he accomplished. I was pleased with the number of times he checked in throughout the day (including providing an update as he was leaving for the day) and I‟ve been happy with his follow up last night and this morning. He‟s held true to his word for what he said he would complete.” Reid Temple FCU, Branch Manager “I would like to comment on the techs work and professionalism while at my facility last week. I thought that they did a fantastic job of explaining to me what was being done to our network, and informing me of any issues that we could resolve per her experience. It was indeed a pleasure working with the tech and I look forward to the same in the future.” 2444 Solomons Island Road, Suite 219 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Tel: 410.897.9494
  5. 5. Client Buzz About RedZone Technologies Montgomery County Employees FCU, Information Technology Manager “Your response time was epic…” Apple FCU, Director of IT “It was a pleasure to work with the CTO. He is very knowledgeable and he demonstrated his expertise throughout the project. He always set their expectations and constantly exceeded them. He was always available and responsive to my staff and I. He was always very professional.” 2444 Solomons Island Road, Suite 219 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 Tel: 410.897.9494